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Wellness – Self Care – Emotional Health

When I hear wellness I immediately think fitness, weight-loss, get your ass to the gym. Right? That is what you probably thought when you saw the headline. Wellness Wednesday.

Wellness actually encompasses your whole body. Think from inside to outside. Wellness can be physical, emotional, social, personal, spiritual, financial, and even work. That is a lot of wellness and if I discussed all of them, it would be a lot of blogging!

Today I am going to focus on emotional and mental wellness. Again this is a huge topic. So much falls under emotional and mental wellness. Think self-care.

Emotional Wellness

Self-care is the new health care. We all battle some kind of emotional warfare every now and then. Chronic depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self -doubt, feeling inadequate, and negativity are just a few. I check a couple of these boxes myself. Not every day is a walk in the park. However, we can do things to make our walk a little nicer, even on those bad days.

Positive thoughts and positive affirmations

Look in the mirror and say:

  • I am enough
  • I can control my happiness
  • I can do this
  • I am beautiful
  • I am wanted
  • I am alive
  • I am brave

Keep a journal

Sometimes just writing down those thoughts of self-doubt or sadness helps you release it. It also gives you a chance to read your own thoughts. Sounds weird right? Read your own thoughts? You will be surprised when you go back and read your journal and think, was I really upset about that? Just try it. I promise it works.

AVOID Social Comparisons

Please do not look at your neighbor or your long lost cousin and think, I wish I had that or I wished I looked like her. Because what they have may have put them in debt or what she looks like may only be surface deep. Just stop comparing your life to others.

Help someone

It is that simple. Literally help another human being today. Open the door and smile at the coffee shop, let someone skip you in line at Target, help a co-worker with a beeping IV pump. And do it because you want to. When we help other people, selfishly it makes us feel better.

Avoid the Negative Nancy’s

You know who I am talking about. She just spent an hour at the coffee pot in the break room telling you how sorry her hubby is or how bad the traffic was. Just avoid it. Debby Downers and Negative Nancys will bring you down quick. We don’t need help from anyone else in that department!

Slow down. Just slow down.

Not everything has to be done today. Take time each day just to relax, focus on yourself and your needs. Don’t let yourself get pulled into 100 different directions. Remember the slow turtle won the race!

Acknowledge your emotions

Acknowledge how you are feeling. I hear emotional eating, retail therapy, workaholic. These are all emotional stuffers! We are literally stuffing our emotions in, instead of dealing with them. I am guilty. Of all of them! I will put the same item in my Amazon cart 5 times and tell myself 5 times that I do not need it! It is just the pleasure of buying it. Start to acknowledge your emotions and dealing with them head-on.

Music – Make a playlist

Do you remember being a teenager and making a mixtape for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Well, I guess it depends on what age you are. I am in that age group where that was an actual thing. But basically you recorded all your favorite songs onto a cassette tape and gave it to your sweetheart. They were feel-good songs. You know, the ones that make you smile when you hear it come on, or conjures up a great memory. Or that song that immediately turns your mood around. Dierks Bentley – Say You Do, does it for me every time. I think my husband must have sent me this song at one time. But when I hear it I immediately smile and think of him.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Wellbeing

So just some final thoughts on this wonderful Wednesday…

Emotional and mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing.

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it

Henry David Thoreau
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