We are all one team

We Are all One Team

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We are all one team

We Are All One Team

Build a team so strong you don’t know who the boss is.

  • T – together
  • E – everyone
  • A – achieves
  • M – more

Teamwork is in every aspect of your life. Home, family, and work. An environment rich in teamwork promotes loyalty, friendship, and trust. In a place of work, this encourages employees to work harder, cooperate and support one another. These are the individuals that possess great talents, strengths, great communication, integrity, and honor.

Teams often embody the following characteristics. 

Clear direction

Understand the greater good.

Open and honest communication

Communication is key. However, there is always a time and place. If you believe strongly about something then make your voice heard but do not disrupt the entire workplace. This will accomplish nothing.

Support risk-taking and change

Change is inevitable. Most people do not like change, therefore they will initially become negative and drag others down with them.

Mutually accountable

Teams accept responsibility as individuals and as a team. They don’t blame one another for team mistakes and failures. No one should spend any time, useless time, in personal justifications. They should celebrate their successes together and recognize special performances and contributions that each team member makes to the total work of the team.

Common goals

What is the common goal? Is the end result better for the greater good? Look at the entire picture.

Encourage differences in opinions

Agreeing on a common goal is essential. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of suppressing alternative ideas and opinions. Having divergent opinions within a team enhances team performance; a diverse team is its competitive advantage.

Diverse opinions stir the imagination and new ideas. Imagination and new ideas stir creativity. Unless the status quo is threatened and questioned, you won’t find those crucial “out of the box” ideas.

Team trust

Trust is very important. If members of your team feel they cannot express themselves freely then you have a break in that team.


It takes both sides to build a bridge

We Are All One Team

Team and respect also go together. There is nothing worse than a team member who berates or puts down another team member. No one says you have to be best friends with your co-workers but you should treat them with common decency. Disrespecting or talking about another person in a negative way is one sure way to take your team and destroy it. We are all part of the same team. We all have the same goal when we are at work. My biggest pet peeve is hearing someone put another person down. This speaks volumes of your character and not in a good way. 

My Team

I am pretty blessed to work with an amazing team. I am a nurse in an ICU unit. Teamwork is essential. No one person could do the job correctly without the help of another person. It takes nurses, PCTs, doctors, nurse practitioners, other departments, and management to ensure our team runs smoothly. 

We are all One Team

I Encourage You...

I encourage you to remember what a team is. Understand that you cannot do this alone. Understand that not every shift is going to be perfect and that not every shift will you be in a great mood. I encourage you NOT to put down your other team mates. Do not let your ego tell you that because you are a nurse that you are above the PCT or that because you are a NP, you are better than a nurse. Without our PCTs you would be alone during that code brown. Without our nurses keeping an eye on their patients the NP would have to be in a million places at once. Without our NPs, our poor doctors would be running around in circles. We all work for the same team. We all have one common goal. So before you rant off and say “all PCTs are lazy” think about the 14 patients they are looking after, while you have 2. Before you get upset because you have to float to another unit, first be thankful you have a job and remember there are people on that unit that need you. Before you get upset over change, understand that life is about change. Use your voice but in a positive way. And if you don’t like the end result then don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. Don’t complain about something if you are not willing to stand up for your beliefs. 

It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit.

Check out this article on how to improve teamwork in your place of business. Check out this study in the Nursing Journal on building teamwork. And here is an older post on my favorite quotes. Please leave comments below. I would love to hear your take on TEAMWORK. XOXO

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