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Travel Nursing: My next adventure

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Travel Nursing: My next adventure

My previous post was about change. Who knew that my life was going to have a big big CHANGE? Not me! But when the opportunity to become a travel nurse landed at my door, I could not turn it away. So yes, I am embarking on a new journey of traveling. I have been a nurse for almost 15 years but have never traveled in this compacity. I am taking a huge leap of faith and trusting in God. I love to travel, I love being a nurse. Now I get to do both!

The decision did not come lightly. As a matter of fact I changed my mind at least 6 times and took an entire month before committing. Several pros and cons list later and so many conversations with my family, I decided to become a gypsy nurse. I could not do this without the support of my husband and my kids whom are 100% behind me and cheering me on.

I have had several people ask me “why now?” Well, why not? The timing for me feels right. I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, and of course I am needed at my current hospital. However, in my heart I knew this is what I need to do and what feels right.

I have also gotten several questions about what is travel nursing. Well basically you travel around the USA or even other countries and work for 13 weeks in a hospital. Each assignment is a contract. You are paid for that contract and then decided where you want to go next. The freedom of travel nursing is you get to choose where you want to work, you negotiate your pay (this is very important), you still have benefits, and most importantly you get to decide when you want to take a month off! So in a nutshell you are getting paid (very well) to travel the world, and do what you love, NURSING.

Travel nursing: my next adventure, will be the beginning of several blog posts where I will share how great, or how horrible my assignment is. I will share pictures of my travels and experiences. I am so excited to start this next chapter in my life.

I mentioned earlier in this post about the support from my family. So that is another question I have been asked quite a lot. “How can you leave your family?” This question really bothered me because it made me second guess my decision several times. So my family is healthy, happy, independent, and very supportive. I have raised two kids who are great at problem solving, they are self-sufficient. They know how to book an airline ticket and come visit momma anytime they want. They have their own adult lives and are excited that they to will be seeing different parts of the country. My dear hubby has planned what seasons I need to be in different parts of the country for hunting purposes. So yes, I would say he is even a little excited. I am sure there will be hiccups, days I want to cry, days they want to cry. However, when this decision was made the pros outweigh the cons and at this time in our life it is what was best for us.

Travel Nursing: My next adventure starts in January! Literally less than a month. The emotions range from scared to excitement! For more information about travel nursing check out this great blog. It is the #1 resource I could find on everything about travel nursing from the best agencies to how to find affordable housing.

Thank you for joining me today. Stay tuned for more posts regarding this new adventure. Please follow below by dropping your email so you do not miss a post. Or you can follow me on social media by clicking on my icon for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. XOXO!

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