Top 5 Best Valentine’s Gifts

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Top 5 Best Valentine’s Gifts

So yesterday my blog featured the best Valentine’s dates. Today I am going to talk about gifts! First I want to say, gifts are not necessary especially if you are doing an extravagant date. BUT they can be fun and personal! So keep reading for 5 of the best Valentine’s gifts and how to make them personable. Chocolates and flowers are just the tip of the iceberg love birds!

Top 5 Best Valentine’s Gifts

Top 5 Best Valentine’s Gifts

  1. Personalized Candy. Yes, you read that right. Did you know there is a company that will personalize M&Ms or those little heart-shaped candies? M&Ms has this service on their website. You can order an entire box of M&Ms with cute messages for your loved one. Also, check out My Custom Candy, they have so many options. You can get custom candy, candy wrappers, and cute little boxes.
  2. What I Love About You Journal. This is a super cute idea. You can order the journal here. When it comes in you fill in the blanks and gift it to your loved one. One page says “I love to watch you BLANK”. You fill in the blank.
  3. Custom Coordinates Necklace. There is a great little Etsy shop specializing in this. I am sure there are other places to order as well. But I will tag her website here. You can put the coordinates of where you met your significant other. Very romantic!
  4. Custom 6 Pack of Beer. You read that correctly. Go over to Total Wine and Beer and check out their selection of craft beers. You can build your own six-pack. And if you really want to get creative, buy a six-pack Valentine themed box from Amazon (Card included)!
  5. Letters to My Love Time Capsule. I love this idea. It is a book of twelve letters that you write to your loved one. The instructions are, they are to open a letter when they need a pick me up or feeling blue about something. A very sweet idea. You can purchase this on Amazon as well. The link is here.
Top 5 Best Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a day to go that extra mile and express your love for your significant other. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It really is the thought that counts. I personally think my hubby will love a custom 6-pack of craft beer! I know he is reading this. Love you babe!

Share your thoughts, tell me what you are getting your loved one. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Happy Tuesday. XOXO…

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