Tips to Happiness

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Yes, people, you control your own happiness! Take the bull by the reins and make that shit happen! For so long I looked to others to be happy. I am talking even as a child. We looked to our parents to make us happy, friends, boyfriends, waited for praises from our teachers. I don’t even know if anyone ever told me to create my own happiness, to do what makes me happy, to BE what makes me happy. For instance, if I wanted to go to Disney and my husband did not, then we did not go. Why? He was not telling me I could not go, but he just did not want to go. I would say about two years ago I decided that I would take control of my happiness. I am not saying by any means that I was unhappy, just that I was lacking. I decided I would do the things that I wanted to do regardless if anyone wanted to do them with me. What I found was quite shocking. The more I did on my own, the more independent I became. The more independent I became, the happier I was about my accomplishments. The happier I was, wait for it, the more my DH wanted to do with me. So here go my tips to happiness.

Happiness is not a single person or a single place or a single thing.

My happiness is my people, walking in Memphis, traveling with my son, shooting skeet with my family, getting tattoos with my husband AND my girls, my happiness is making each day count. Even the days when the camel almost eats your ponytail at the Tennessee Safari Park.

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