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The Fear of the Unknown

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The fear of the unknown

We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we think we know about the unknown.

Teal Swan

Hello Dear Readers,

It has been a long while since I sat in front of my trusty laptop to post a blog. I don’t know if it was writer’s block, lack of time, not wanting to share, or a combination of all the above. But as soon as I blogged today, I was flooded with so many emotions and realized how therapeutic it actually is to write. I saw a meme yesterday that said 2020 was hell and 2021 was when hell froze over. Can you relate? I can and oh what a roller coaster it has been.

So just an update on my last few months. I left a permanent amazing job as an ICU nurse to a travel nurse. Just as so many of my fellow nurses have. A chance to travel, a chance to help those areas hit the hardest with the pandemic, a chance to make money to help your family. So many reasons, all substantial reasons. This decision did not come lightly and was quite scary. This leads me to the fear of the unknown. What makes a person leave a perfectly stable job to take a job that may last 13 weeks to only travel to another location and hope you get a contract there? I have overwhelming support from my family. My husband, daughter, and son have all been so supportive. My in-laws send me the sweetest texts that keep me going. I am so grateful for them. But then there are those that have been so negative. But I will not entertain that and don’t need it. I am doing what I felt God has led me to do after months of praying. But this opens up the unknown and the fear or anxiety.

The fear of the unknown is a real thing. Not knowing where your next assignment may be, or always being the new person, learning how each hospital operates daily, staying in unfamiliar areas, and trying to navigate around different cities. These things are scary, yet exciting at the same time.

How does one get through the fear of the unknown? Well, I can tell you what I do.

  • Research – research your location. What is there to do on your days off?
  • Make a plan – Plan a few outings or “me” days. Explore this new place you’ve never been to before.
  • Have a routine – Try to maintain some normalcy. If you exercise daily, then find a gym or a local running trail. If you like to read, then find a beautiful spot to do it in. I am currently near the gulf. You best believe on my next R&R day I will sit on a blanket in the sand reading a great novel.
  • Learn your work environment – I cannot stress enough, as a travel nurse we are not here to change the system. Learn their system and do your job. And do it well! Like, give 110%!!!
  • Lean on your support system – FaceTime your loved ones daily, multiple times a day. Enjoy those sweet texts from your in-laws.
  • Pick up something special – Pick up a souvenir from each place you visit. Something small that you can tuck away. One day when you are old and done traveling, you will have a nice little collection of trinkets that will tell your story to your grandbabies.
  • Pray daily! – Give it to God and he will take care of you.
  • Check out this great article on other ways to overcome the fear of the unknown.

The Fear of the Unknown. Not me. No Fear.

It was a snow day
Convinced hubby to take a snow walk
Loving Nashville

Snow heart
She is “snow” cute

The Fear of the Unknown

The fear of the unknown is not a fear of mine. I pushed that aside and instead am embracing the unknown. I am loving the unknown. I am taking in every moment, every sight, every feeling. I am learning more about myself. I am taking on new challenges and pushing myself to limits I never knew. I am stepping into uncomfortable situations. I am missing my family but know this is only temporary and was something I was meant to do. So from freezing weather, a quick trip to Florida (home), and now very close to the border, I will keep on embracing the unknown.

Thank you for reading my blog. Continue to pray for our country. Please continue to support our front-line workers. Wear your mask! Get vaccinated please if you can! Check out my past blogs here if you feel inclined to! If you have never visited my blog before, you will find a little of everything. Life, marriage, recipes, advice, travels, and so much more. You can click here to find my about page.

Until next time. XOXO.

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