Sneak Peak of my Novel

Just the beginning of my novel. I have been working hard on this and have is almost ready to self publish. Honest opinions, please!

Chapter 1

What am I doing here? I thought to myself. I am cold, its 22 degrees and I am in scrubs. Scrubs that I have been wearing for 24 hours. I can not believe I just drove 24 hours straight, after working a 24-hour shift. Oh my, I need to call my husband. He is never going to understand. I can already hear him now. “Ruby, what the hell?”. He won’t be angry though, it will be a sad tone in his voice when he says it. What the hell Ruby, why are you here? This time I say it out loud. 

I am a doctor, a plastics surgeon to be exact. I used to love it, now I am so burned out and can’t remember why I chose this practice anyway. I work insane hours and barely see my husband or my kids. Five kids, all in different states, except the twins. They are my youngest and are in college, together. 

I look at my phone again. My facebook messenger still open. Your brother died a week ago, we buried him today ~ Rita. Who is Rita? I have not talked to my brother in 15 years. We had a huge falling out over my now deceased mom and never mended the fence so to speak. But I got this message halfway through my shift and all I could think about what getting to Memphis. 

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