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Short Story Sunday

Short Story Sunday – Chapter 1

I will be starting a blog series called, as you guessed from the title, Short Story Sunday. Do not confuse this with my novel I am currently working on. This will be a short story that I post a chapter every Sunday. It is a working story. That means I am writing the chapter the day I post it. So it may evolve and have twists and turns. So I am breaking all narrative writing rules. I do not know exactly what the plot or climax will be as of yet but kind of have an idea. This shall be fun!

Find the key emotion; this may be all you need to know to find your short story

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Short Story Sunday Chapter 1

Short Story – Chapter 1

By Jeanna Kay Simpson

I smiled politely and kissed cheeks as the guests left. Richard stood next to me and shook the hands of all the men with the same smile plastered on his face. It had been a great night, or so I thought. We hosted a game night for our Sunday school class this week. Each Friday it is hosted at a different couple’s house. It was a time to play fun games and enjoy fellowship with the group outside of the church. I spent all week looking for the perfect recipes, then shopping for the perfect ingredients. This was the first time game night was hosted at our house. I wanted it to go perfectly. 

Perfectly, I thought. I thought it was perfect. The night went as planned. I set up several games, bunko, Jenga and a card game through-out various rooms in the main living areas of the house. The menu consisted of fancy appetizers, mini sandwiches, and plenty of desserts. The ladies raved over them. “You should be a party planner Rachael!” said Debbie. The night was going well. I knew in an instant though when I messed up. 

After the last guest left Richard shut the door and turned towards me. “Rachael, Rach, darling,” he says as he walks to the cabinet. The cabinet appears to be a beautiful case of books but actually houses his liquor cabinet. I am sure sometime through the evening he already visited this cabinet because of the change in his demeanor. I could tell because his voice became louder, he became more competitive and his eyes glassed over just a little. I wonder if anyone else noticed. A southern baptist does not drink whiskey. Well, they at least did not let anyone know they drank whiskey.

He reaches the cabinet and pours himself a generous drink. I know what is coming next but try to keep my composure. I busy myself picking up empty plates and making small talk. “Richard you impressed everyone with your Jenga skills,” I say to lighten the mood. I turn my back to him to finish picking up the stem-wear and crystal mint dishes. There were no paper plates or throw away cups at this party. Richard would have been mortified. I head to the kitchen to start hand washing dishes. You do not put the crystal in the dishwasher. 

For a moment I think maybe I am wrong, he is not following me and is concentrated on the game he turned on the TV. I think back through the night and try to remember the exact moment I knew I did something wrong. I was playing bunco with Debbie and Steve. Steve is one of the student pastors and Debbie is his wife. They are a little older than Richard and I. I was having fun and making jokes with them. I guess I laughed a little too much at a joke Steve told. I sensed Richard before he even reached my side. It was like static, hot static. I knew the moment he was behind me before I even saw him. My body felt electric but not in a good way. “Richard my good buddy, I was just telling your beautiful wife how amazing everything was tonight. I also was asking her about when you two might be adding to the family, you know kids?” Steven says. Richard casually drapes one arm around my shoulder and slides his other arm to my waist where no one can see him digging his fingers between my ribs as he says “Steve we have been working on that a lot my friend, haven’t we, my dear wife?” I cannot open my mouth to speak because I am afraid my voice will give away the fact that I am in severe pain. The spot is already bruised since it is a frequent tactic he uses to gain my attention. I just smile and shake my head. 

I hope you enjoy the first chapter and continue to check back daily for my post. Comment, share, like and subscribe! And tune in next Sunday for chapter 2! I am not sure where this story is going so I am just as excited as you are. Also, check out this website www.goodreads.com. I love downloading books from here!

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