Short Story Sunday

Short Story Sunday – Protected Chapter 2

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Short Story Sunday
Short Story Sunday - Protected Chapter 2

Protected - Chapter 2

Short Story Sunday is one of my favorite blog post. I love writing, especially a story on a whim. Click the green button to check out chapter 1 if you missed it last week. Chapter 2 is below. Leave a few comments. What or where would you like to see Rebecca go from here? What did she witness?

I was born to dance I think. My mom had me in ballet lessons as soon as I could walk. Of course stripping was probably not what she had in mind. But man I was damn good at it. It was a job and I made sure to keep it that way. It was my business. There is that dark side of dancing or stripping. I almost let myself go there a couple times but just stayed on the edge, dipping my toe in. Never falling in the deep end. No I had a plan. Pay my way through college, be the best damn lawyer in the great state of Texas. I started dancing when I was 20. After years of putting off college because I could not afford it, working dead end waitress jobs and sharing small apartments with several people, I stumbled across THE job. Actually some douche bag I served made a comment that I had a dancer’s body. I immediately took offense. However it piqued my interest. Me and one of my roommates decided to check out one of the local gentlemen establishments. It was on the high-end for strip joints. I was sucked in almost instantly. The vibe of the place, I could feel it in my bones. I wanted to dance. Not for someone else but for me. And seeing money fly onto the stages was appealing. My roommate wrote it off. Not me. The next morning I went back to the same club and submitted my application. The manager asked about my experience. I lied. I told him I had danced for years. I guess I did, just not the kind of dancer he thought. I am pretty sure my looks got me the job though. It is about the looks. But I took it serious. I went home that day and watched YouTube videos, went to another strip club and watched other dancers, and compiled a couple easy but remember-able routines.

That first night I took the stage I was a nervous wreck. “Here doll, drink this.” another dancer said as she handed me a shot of clear liquor. I drank it plus two more. And in my Walmart bikini, I walked out onto the stage and owned it. I loved the freedom I felt. I could be anyone on the stage. Whoever I wanted to be. I didn’t know anyone here. I was just a dancer and loved to dance. That first night I made $200. Two nights later I made $400. One month after that I was making $2000 every time I worked. I treated it like a business. Walmart bikinis became personal designed costumes by a seamstress I hired. I invested into my business by taking care of my body, having my hair professionally done, and not falling into the deep end. My profits went into a savings and some into small stocks. My stage name was Cinnamon because of my bright red hair. I thought it was cheesy at first but it grew on me. I became friends with some of the other dancers but kept them at arms length. I was doing my best to not fall into the deep end. Just trying to stay on the edge.

My life changed in an instant though. And when you are on top, falling is hard. Wrong place at the wrong time. That was the story of my life. In the end, it didn’t matter that I kept my nose clean and stayed on the right side of this business. I was now the one running and hiding for my life. All because of one night. 

My phone rang, THAT phone. The one the marshal gave me, only to be used when they call. My stomach felt like it was stuck in my throat. I could not answer it. I could just take what money they gave me and leave. “Hello,” I say quietly after the sixth ring. “That took you long enough. Don’t get chummy with the neighbors,” the stern male voice said from the other end of the line. “How did you know I talked to a neighbor?” I asked. “We know everything Rebecca. Just do as you are told and maybe one day you can go back to your old life,” stern voice man repeated. He’s lying. No, I will never be able to go back to my old life. I will always have to be protected. 

Thank you

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2. Check back next Sunday for chapter 3. Don’t forget to leave comments. What do you think Rebecca/Charlie witnessed? Should she run or stay? Subscribe below so you do not miss out on the next chapter or any of my other posts! 

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