Short Story Sunday

Short Story Sunday – Chapter 5

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Short Story Sunday – Chapter 5

Happy Sunday dear readers. Today I will not be doing the writing challenge but instead posting chapter 5 of Short Story Sunday – Protected. I hope you enjoy! You can find the link here to the previous chapters.

Short Story Sunday
Short Story Sunday

Chapter 5 – Protected

The week went by quite fast. I actually enjoyed teaching and my students were a joy. Little Molly was the feisty one of the class though. “Ms. Roman, my uncle said you live next to him,” she said Friday morning. “He did? Well that is true. I live in the same apartment building as him,” I replied. “He also said you were really pretty,” she giggled along with a few others that over heard her comment. “Your uncle has a lot to say doesn’t he?” I grinned. Was Dean going to be a problem? I cannot get to close to anyone here I thought to myself as I hurried to my desk. I saw what happened to Damon that night and even though he did pull through, not everyone was that lucky.

“Ok class. How about today we talk about our favorite book and then this weekend I want each of you to make your very own book. I will send you each home with a notebook, crayons to make pictures and your job is to create a wonderful adventure,” I start handing out the little bags of goodies I put together last night. “Homework? On the weekend?” one student signed. “Don’t think of it as homework. Think of it as an adventure. Your story can be about anything you want and it can be full of pictures that you create yourself,” I say trying to get everyone excited. “I think it pretty neat! I already know what my story is gonna be about,” Molly said cheerfully.

Later that afternoon after the last student left the dean stopped by while I was getting my classroom cleaned up. “I hear great things about you Ms. Roman,” Dean Arthur said. It made me uncomfortable just a slight bit. “Really? Well I guess that is a good thing,” I say nervously as I busy myself with my current task. “The students love you and so do their parents. You are a natural at this. We need more great teachers like you Ms. Roman.” I felt a twinge of guilt. If he only knew several months ago I was playing a teacher on stage. The naughty kind. The kind that ended with me making about 3K a night. “Uhm thank you Mr. Arthur, I mean Dean Arthur.” I replied. “Very well then. See you Monday morning Ms. Roman. Have a good weekend,” he stated as he walked out of the classroom. I completed my tasks and grabbed my bag. I needed fresh air and I needed it fast. Though this week went great, I was still on edge. The marshals promise me I am being protected but how come I feel like I am constantly having to look over my shoulder? I even installed an extra lock on my apartment door and my bedroom door.

I wish I could talk to Damon. I want to hear his side of the story. What in the hell was he involved in? Why was he beaten within inches of his life? And why did so many people die at the club that night?

I hope you are enjoying Protected as much as I am. Check back tomorrow as I will continue on with the 7 day writing challenge. Also, check out this series from Amazon. I am currently reading them and cannot read them fast enough.

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