What does Depression Mean to You?

The definition of depression -

Right now life seems especially hard. I am sure we are all suffering some sort of depression or anxiety. COVID, hurricanes, politics, etc... All these things have created so much negative space in my head. So I decided to take stock and not let my surroundings control me or my thoughts. It is hard. Sometimes it is easier to fall into that trap of letting your environment take over your life. Its even more common for those of us that fight depression. If any of this sounds familiar, please keep reading.

Depression is defined as severe feelings of sadness that can affect you physically. Its siblings, anxiety, and insomnia often accompanied depression. This trifecta, depression, anxiety, and insomnia feel like having a wet comforter laying on top of you. You can't move, you feel suffocated, and you are too anxious to sleep.

A single event, several events, can trigger depression, or it can also be genetic. Some people do not even realize they are depressed. They just continue to live their life with this heaviness upon them.

Harvard Health Publishing explains the six common types of depression. You can read their full article here.
1. Major depression.
2. Persistent depressive disorder.
3. Bipolar disorder.
4. Seasonal affective disorder.
5. Perinatal depression.
6. PMDD (associated with the menstrual cycle.)

Major depression is the most commonly seen. It can manifest in physical symptoms such as lethargy or extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, actual pain, little to no interest in daily activities or activities that brought you joy before. Bipolar disorder is more of a chemical imbalance in the brain. These people will have swings where they are extremely happy and on top of the world (sometimes making very irrational decisions) to lock in their closet.

But really what do you think when you hear the word depression?

Depression is really common actually. Some people are clinically diagnosed with depression and others just fight through it and do not seek any sort of treatment. I will tell you personally, depression really hit me when I lost my mom. After meeting with a counselor and starting medications, I then realized I had probably been battling slight depression before and that was just the trigger that made it impossible for me to beat on my own. I know a lot of people hide their depression or feel embarrassed. Don't! Talking is the best thing for you. I have had days when I felt like I was being suffocated by that wet blanket, days when I did not care if I showered, ate, or even got out of bed. I lost interest in things that I used to love doing. Even reading a book became a chore. But I will tell you what gets me through it and hope that it might help someone else.

What to do?
  1. Talk to someone. It does not have to be a professional but you need to open up to somebody.

  2. Journal or write down your feelings.

  3. Exercise. It really does work. Endorphins are a real thing and do make you feel good. You can check out what endorphins are here.

  4. Do not reject meds if it is something that will help you.

  5. Acknowledge your triggers.

  6. Be honest with your family.

  7. Take a break. Like a mental break. This does not mean stay in bed. It means take a day to do something for yourself.

  8. Schedule "Me time"

  9. Start doing those things you used to love even if it seems hard, keep trying.

  10. Understand. Understand that depression does not go away, you will have great days and you will have days when you want to crawl in a hole.

Thank you...

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I may not have a thousand followers and I do not blog to advertise and attempt to make money. I started this blog because it was therapeutic and helped with my depression and anxiety. If you want to get notifications when I post a new blog please drop your email in the form below. Until next time. XOXO...


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