Short Story Sunday

Last Call - Part II

Part II

Monday morning arrives too soon. I stare at the clock on the bedside table, willing it to turn back at least 12 more hours. I don’t want to move; I don’t want to function today. However, with a midterm today, I do not have a choice. My morning routine begins. Start a coffee pot, quick shower, breakfast of oatmeal and banana while I prep my face, watch a brief snippet of news while getting dressed, and then out the door. The coolness hits me as I exit my townhouse. October is ending and autumn has finally made its appearance here in the south. A quick ping on my phone alerts me to a new message. I look down at my phone, not recognizing the name. Geoffrey says good morning, followed by a smiling face emoji. I am not sure who Geoffrey is. I do a quick scan through my recent texts and contacts while starting my car. As I pull out of my driveway, it hits me. Geoffrey is the guy from the bar several nights ago. Startled, I nearly took out the neighbor's mailbox. I ignore his text and continue my drive to the University. I can not mess up today. I have to pass this mid-term.

Four hours later, I removed my earplugs and shut down the computer. As I push away from the desk and gather my things, tears form in my eyes and I can feel the heat rising in my throat. I am going to be sick. I rush down the aisle mumbling a quick apology to the poor fellow whose head took a beating from my backpack. I barely made it to the restroom before I lost my coffee and breakfast this morning. I am pretty sure I just failed my mid-term. Law is my passion. I study constantly. However, this morning I could not focus. Images from last Friday night kept creeping in. The text this morning from this stranger Geoffrey has me rattled. Waiting patiently for Casey, I keep looking at this message. Why is he texting me? Why can’t I remember everything from Friday night? I slam my phone down, determined to stop obsessing. It doesn’t matter who he is or why he is texting me. The bottom line is I walked home wrapped in a hotel cover. Who lets someone do that? Not anyone I want to talk to, anyway!

I see Casey exit the law building and gather my things. “I need substance, like real food,” I yell to her as she gets closer. “Central BBQ it is then BFF,” she says with a smile. Yes, barbecue nachos sound perfect right about now.

Thirty minutes later, as she and I finish a plate of nachos smothered in the best bbq, jalapenos, melted cheese, and sweet bbq sauce, I hand her my phone. “Look at my last text,” I tell her. “Geoffrey, that is the guy with the red hair from the bar the other night,” she says as her eyes get wider and a worry line builds on her brow.


Our Mind

Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

Our mind is a gateway to what's good and bad,

It just takes us to show it, its way.

If we choose to be happy and see things not crappy,

We're sure that our lives will obey.

If we always worry or expect the worst,

You'll soon see that life will follow.

So in order to make sure that life will be grand,

We must make sure our attitude is easy to swallow.

Think big, not small, rise, don't fall,

And everything will go your way.

But if you find yourself negatively thinking,

You may just need a replay.

So kick off your boots and remember your roots,

And decide how you want to be.

If you want to be happy and think positively,

then remind yourself of what you will see


I love the poem above by Julie Hebert. Do you think Courtney is ignoring Geoffrey because she feels like something bad happened and she is burying her head in sand? What if it is not bad? What if he is her saving grace? Who knows? I am not even sure where these next few chapters will lead me. However, when I read this poem, I actually relate to it. My motto is to stay positive, focused, and always find the silver lining in every situation. We all will suffer tragedies or injustices. That is nature. How we handle ourselves afterward is what will keep us together or fall apart.

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