Last Call - Short Story Part 1

Alas dear readers, short story Sunday has returned. Below is part 1 of the Last Call. If you were a follower of my previous blog, you know it was full of short stories, poems, inserts from my novels, and so much more. Short story Sunday is one of my favorite sections. I love to write and I literally will write a chapter or part at a time. So without further ado, please see below for part 1 of the Last Call.

What in the fuck is going on, I say to myself out loud. I look down at my attire. I am wrapped in the finest cheap white hotel comforter, no shoes, half-dressed, and I am literally freezing my ass off. I look up at the next street sign, Carter & Main. Ok, at least I know where I am, only a few more blocks to my friend's apartment. I stare at my dead phone as my hand shakes. My body is sore, and the last thing I remember is the bartender yelling, “Last call assholes!” I watch the sun peek over the Mississippi River and realize it is approximately around 6:00 a.m. in the morning. A shudder runs down my spine as I try to piece together the events of last night. Finally, a beacon ahead, Casey’s apartment! I try to run the last block, but my body stops me. My thighs are burning, and my feet are raw from walking barefoot. As I reach her building overlooking the river, I worry. My mind spins in several directions as I piece together even the last several hours.

I lay on the buzzer, not caring who I wake up. I need to see Casey. She will tell me what happened. She will tell me why I just walked halfway across downtown wrapped in a hotel duvet.

Casey and Courtney, are the dynamic duo according to our “in” crowd. The twenty-somethings, grad school, both going for criminal law degrees, and truly living our best life. Well, this is what we tell ourselves, anyway. Our life comprises school, studying, and sleep during the day, light on the sleep. And at night, well let's just say we know every happy hour and trick to get free drinks whenever we want at the downtown bars. Last night we were at one of my regular hang-outs. Diddy’s on the North End is owned and run by a burned-out lawyer who is tired of representing the drunk drivers, rapists, and trash of this fine city. Diddy’s is like a replica of your dad’s “man cave” but larger. They covered the walls with sports memorabilia, bookshelves full of local history, and the entire place smells like sandalwood. Drinks are classics. Manhattans, salty dogs, local brew on draft, and he even serves up a mean tapa bar menu. Who doesn’t love fried pimento cheese bites with a cold mug of a local IPA?

I finally hear a click. Signally, the lobby door was unlocked. As I push my way through the glass door and pull my “dress” behind me, the elevator door opens and my tall beautiful best friend Casey rushes towards me. I fall into her arms as tears roll down my eyes. It’s as if the last several hours I held myself together to only fall apart now. I am not even sure why I am feeling so distraught. I mean, we tied on a few late nights and got blackout drunk. But my head and my body are screaming that something is not right. Casey pulls me into her arms and does that soothing thing she is so well at. “Come on Courtney, let's go upstairs.” She says as we push 6 on the elevator.

The doors open to her apartment. The apartment is maybe not the best term. It is an amazing loft, open concept, overlooking the river. Her parents have given her every luxury as long as she finishes her degree and follows the path she has laid out for her. She is ok with that because being a lawyer is her passion, as it is mine too. However, criminal law is not what she wants to practice. Casey is a humanitarian and wants to pursue a career in family law. However, her father has already picked out her partner's seat at his firm for when the time comes.

“Courtney, what happened? I have been up all night worried about you. You said you were going outside with that guy from Diddy’s last night to exchange numbers and then you were gone.” She asks with a frown across her face. I try to remember what guy she is talking about. I can’t remember anything after the last call. I frantically play the last evening’s events through my head. Casey and I took a Lyft to Diddy’s. It was a Saturday night, so we planned on a late night. The place was hopping now that bars are back to full capacity. Ah, there was a group of cute guys that we had never seen there before. New to the area, if I remember correctly. I believe they were starting grad school at UT. We had lots of drinks, that I remember. Diddy’s has a shot menu that over the years has grown into something pretty outstanding. They are all named after someone famous. The Elvis is Kahlua, banana schnapps, and rum. One of my favorites. I look at Casey with a blank stare. “I had a lot of shots, that I remember. Was I talking to one of those guys? Kind of tall with curly sandy red hair.” She snorts, “Talking? Courtney, you told him you were going to marry him. But he was a little off. He kept pulling you away from the group.” I shake my head, thinking this is going to clear it and I will magically regain all knowledge of last night’s events. A shower, I just need a shower and hot food. Two minutes later, I feel the warm water falling on me from this amazing rain shower. Courtney throws in one of those smell-good shower fizzes and the entire room smells like vanilla and honey. As I later my body with her fancy soap, I noticed bruising on my legs and arms, soreness in my thighs, and a terrible headache. That uneasy feeling returns. I push it aside and scrub my body again. Breakfast, that will fix everything.


Ok, dear readers, what did you think? Has it piqued your interest? What will next Sunday reveal?

So I have an idea of where I am going with this story. Sort of. But who knows, I could totally change it up. It could end up being a romance with a rocky start. Or it could be an event that changes Courtney's life forever. Or she could just eat breakfast and forget the whole weekend. Who knows? But tune in next Sunday and find out. Drop your email below and you will receive a notification when a new post comes out.


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