Overwhelmed and what to do

Overwhelmed and what to do.

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Overwhelmed and what to do.

Overwhelmed and what to do.

First, let me say I am so sorry for being very absent. Overwhelmed kind of describes my life in one word right now. The very definition of overwhelmed is; bury, drown beneath a huge mass. This is exactly how I have felt for weeks. Unfortunately, it is of my own doing. Who else takes on more than they can chew? I let myself pick up way too much overtime, trying to finish my BSN, and now have started a new weight loss journey (I am having gastric sleeve in May) which has created several doctor appointments and obligations that I have struggled to already fit into my crazy life.

Being overwhelmed also has triggered depression, feelings of guilt and inadequacy. So today I decided the best thing I could do was write. It is my therapy. But first I want to tackle this feeling of being overwhelmed. So what do you do? How do you tackle and conquer the dreaded feeling of drowning? Read below for my own personal experience but also check out this great article.

Overwhelmed; Fightback


Take stock of everything in your life and simplify it. I am calling it getting rid of the fluff. Personally, for me, that means letting go of side projects such as small sales or promoting on my blog. I am not interested in monetizing my blog, therefore spending hours promoting or tagging everyone is unnecessary.


Organize your life. Keep a calendar. I am in two BSN classes right now. Just this morning I accidentally submitted an assignment from one class to the other. So yes, organizing my office and classwork is on the top of my list today.

Ask for help

This is a hard one for me. Just last night my dear sweet hubby made me dinner. A scrambled egg sandwich. It was all I wanted and craved it all day. I worked the night before and ran errands all day so I was so exhausted. He came home from working all day himself and put me before him. Like he always does. I felt guilty because I knew how tired he was too.


Sharing is a big one. Letting those close to you know how you are feeling kind of takes a weight off your shoulders. This again is a very hard thing for me to do. I do not like the feeling of being vulnerable. But, when the alternative is guilt, depression, and the feeling of sinking, then please share. Let your loved ones know that you are overwhelmed. Life is hard right now and to please bare with you.


Unplug from the world. Take a time out. Stop trying to be everything to everybody. Set aside time each day just to reflect and unwind, even if it is just 10 minutes. Refresh!

Overwhelmed and What to do

So now that you know why I have been an absentee blogger for weeks let me finish up by saying I love to blog, I love to write. This is my “unplugged” time. However, I will be making some changes. I am no longer going to do review pages or shopping pages. I will be streamlining my blog to write things that inspire me and make me happy. I am not interested in making money from my blog, only to make others smile. I may not write daily but promise not to go for two weeks with nothing.

And to my sweet husband. You have no idea how much I appreciated that scrambled egg sandwich and you! XOXO

I will link my last post here on the short story Sunday series. I will be changing this to not only being on Sunday. It will be just a short story series that I will feature my book as I write it.

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