Night Shift Nurse

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I am a night shift nurse. I have been a nurse since 2007. I started out as a night shifter then did home health and recently have done a complete circle. I am back to the very same place I started my career. And I completely love it. But, these nursing memes are so accurate. Vodka belongs in orange juice with breakfast when you get home at 8AM. Don’t judge. And I was having a conversation with my daughter on the phone this morning, I thought it was Wednesday. Well lets just say I never really know what day it is. My work schedule is written down in 3 different places, I sleep odd hours, I can literally go 24-36 without sleep, and yes I am currently drinking wine while writing this blog.

Being a nurse is just amazing. Its not only about the fact that yes we are caring for sick people and saving lives. It is the camaraderie, the trust and friendships you make with your co-workers. These are people that you are spending 12-13 hours several times a week with. People that you depend on to have your back and you have theirs. Like when shit hits the fan and your patient is going south YOU KNOW your fellow nurses are gonna be right there helping! That my friend is what I am talking about. I love my job, I love caring for people and I absolutely love being part of a team.

Whatever your job/career is, find that feeling. That feeling of doing something you love, that even when it is hell you still have a smile in your heart, that feeling EVEN when you are crying because you had a rough night, you cannot wait to try it again. Because people that is what is all about. You have to love what you are doing to be doing it 100%! And you have to love what you are doing to find that balance.

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