My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions
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My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions

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My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions

My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions
My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions

Has anyone ever told you, opinions are like assholes, everyone has got one? Yea? Me too. And I personally have been told that I am very opinionated and I have never been afraid to speak my mind. I have learned to curve my tongue and pick my battles over the years (which is a smart thing). But if it is not so obvious, today I am going to blog about my voice, my thoughts, and my opinions on several things.

So many negative things are going on in the world and people are spouting off conspiracy theories left and right. I am not a political person but I am an EDUCATED medical professional. So the first thing I am going to discuss is the big elephant in the room, or the big green sticky ball that is the coronavirus. COVID-19.

My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions

Let me start with some of the conspiracy theories or most idiotic things I have heard….

  1. It was created so Trump would look like an idiot and not win the next election.
  2. It was created to scare the nation and so the government can control our lives.
  3. It is not that bad, its just like the flu….


So if you are buying into one of these bullshit stories above, I AM NOT SORRY if I offend you! Here are the facts…

  1. The coronavirus is very real, it does not matter who or how it was created to the people currently infected and/or dying from it.
  2. It is not the same as the flu. Yes, it is true the flu kills people yearly but it does not attack their entire body and there is a vaccine for the flu.
  3. In reality, just when the medical field thinks they have a handle on COVID-19 and a workable treatment plan, BAM! New symptoms appear, new issues, what was working may not keep working.
  4. In reality, those people in ICU on ventilators currently dying. They are alone. Their new family is faces covered in masks whom they do not know and sometimes these unfortunate patients are in the hospital for months, IF they survive.
  5. Trump did not cause the coronavirus.

My Voice, My Thoughts, My Opinions

I am a nurse, an ICU nurse. I have cared for several COVID patients. My opinion is be careful. If you are out then yes practice social distancing. Wash your hands frequently. If you feel sick then stay home. I do not think the whole world needs to be shut down but I do think the new normal will include social distancing, wearing masks in public, avoiding large crowds, etc. I do not think this virus is just going to say “Hey we are done, we are out of here…” Not gonna happen. In my opinion it is going to linger and we will continues to have small surges. So for all you people out there saying this is a hoax or a government conspiracy….Florida has open ICU beds. When you are intubated and wishing you could see your loved ones, wishing you could breathe, I will pray for you, with you.


Doctors without borders – COVID-19 – this is a great website with so much information about the facts, myths and what is being done directly from those who are doing it.

World Meter – this is a website that gives daily numbers from around the world INCLUDING those who have recovered!

CDC – The CDC post updates daily including new symptoms, treatments, and plans.


I am tired. I am tired of watching the news. I am tired of the memes on Facebook of people making light of COVID. I am scared for my fellow co-workers who work every shift in the COVID unit. I am heartbroken for the lives lost to this virus and for those families who could not even mourn properly. I am heartbroken that this virus is tearing our world apart. So again, if you think this is nothing or a hoax, or just like the flu…. I pray for you.

To read other post on my blog please click the link here. If you are new to my blog please check out my home page here. Feel free to leave comments below, even if you disagree with me. I have tough skin. XOXO

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