Skin Care and Makeup

My go-to, can’t go without

  • Norvina by Anastasia
  • Blush Bar by Benefit
  • Bye Bye Pores Toner by It Cosmetics

I love love doing my makeup every day. I probably have enough makeup to restock the local Ulta if I needed to. However, these are my go-to’s! My everyday wear! No foundation, just a tad of concealer, I use the bronzer and blush from benefit and pick one color (or two) from Norvina and a quick swipe over my lids! Of course, nothing is complete without mascara and lipstick (not pictured here).

This whole makeup obsession started after I lost weight. I never really wore makeup except maybe Christmas. I lost 50lbs doing keto (that will be in another post) and decided to start flaunting those cheekbones! But seriously my cheeks are still chunky.

You can shop for these or similar products at the links below.

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