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My Demons


My Demons ~ my first book of short stories is now available for purchase as an Ebook on Kindle for Amazon and you can even purchase it in print! Y’all I am so excited! Please go review, leave comments, share! This was such a labor of love and can’t wait until you all read it!

I am still working on my larger novel, I want it to be perfect! I also want to see feedback from this book before I release the next.

Writing for me started out as a therapeutic outlet but I soon realized it was just something I really enjoy doing. Some days I can’t type fast enough. It is like the story is waiting to be written.


My Demons is a book of short stories. Some of you have already read Rachael’s story. However, the book includes Mandy’s Story and Tara’s Story.

Mandy was the all american high-school sweetheart, captain of cheer team, voted most likely EVERYTHING in highschool. She returns to her 20 year reunion with some dark secrets!

Tara is a rich 28 year-old spoiled brat basically. However, after some touch love and a big push she turns her life around!

My Demons is my first published book of short stories. I have so many more in the works. I really enjoy writing short stories because I feel like they get to the point and share a great moral at the end of the story. Writing a novel is so different. However I cannot wait to get that published as well.

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