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Music Therapy – 15 Mind-bending songs

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Music Therapy – 15 Mind-bending songs

Music Therapy
Music Therapy

Where words fail, music speaks


Music Therapy is a real thing. When a song comes on the radio or your playlist it will trigger an emotion or even a memory. Music is not something you just hear but also feel. Say it ain’t so? Tell me you don’t want to dance like Tom Cruise in Risky Business when you hear, All Time Rock n’ Roll? Hell I’m thinking about it right now.

Do you remember mix tapes? When I was a teenager we would make a cassette tape of our favorite songs and give it to our crush. I remember when my kids were younger, they would make play list on a mini iPod. Those were the days.

I have a playlist on my phone for just about any occasion. Exercising, driving, laying around the pool, and even cleaning house. There is also the play list for when you are feeling sad and just want to wallow in it.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy

Below are some of my favorite songs and a little about the artists:

Country Music

Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Bob Seger, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash all have country roots. I love a good country song. Like a Wrecking Ball brings great memories immediately. I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash brings chills to my bones every time I hear it. Good chills. Crazy reminds me of my momma. She used to sing this song about my Daddy and how crazy in-love she was with him. Country music always has a story. You are falling in love, out of love, hurting somebody or getting hurt, having a good time or going to jail. There are a million stories in a good country song.

Rock N Roll

I grew up on Rock N Roll. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses is still on the top of my playlist. Crazy Train by Ozzy is still a song I play when I really need to do something but keep putting it off. I can turn that song on and it is like it gives me some sort of magical energy to get the hell up and get busy. Rockstar by Nickelback is just that song that when you listen to the lyrics you are like damn, in my next life I wanna be him.

Rap, Trap, R&B

I love them all. Yes I know…some say I am too old for this type of music but damn turn on Lil’ Troy, Drake, or Usher and my car windows are about to pop out. This is the kind of music you play when you are like “girl you got this shit.” You know when you are having a good day and you are really feeling yourself? Maybe turn on Ride by SoMo and get that sexy going. Yep, music is good for every occasion.


There is a new genre popping up called Americana. It is country, rock, folk, and a little bluesy all mixed together. NO POP here! It is by far my favorite music right now. I love the newest song All Your’n by Tyler Childers. It is a song that you can listen to and it just makes you chill and has such a good vibe. Really anything from Tyler Childers is amazing!

Jason Isbell is another great Americana artist. The song Elephant is great but sad as well. It is written about his friend with cancer and how it’s “the elephant” in the room.

Alibi by Bradley Cooper is sexy as hell. So the song is about him always having an alibi so he doesn’t get caught doing shit wrong. It’s still hot. Well he is pretty damn hot in the movie, A Star is Born, where he is a musician.


Basically, you can find a song for every mood. I hope you found something you liked on my list above. I included links for each song. Maybe it jogged a great memory for you, or made you smile. Or maybe you heard something new that you found pretty awesome like, Jason Isbell. If you wanna feel sad, feel happy, chill, ride dirt roads, get busy, or just jam, their is a song for that. Seriously though, music therapy is a real thing that can help with emotional issues, it can help people express their feelings when they can’t actually find the right words. Check out this link on music therapy and how psychologists are using it now in their practice. It is truly amazing.

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