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Love, The Other 4 Letter Word

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Love, The Other 4 Letter Word

Love The Other 4 Letter Word
Love The Other 4 Letter Word

What do you think of when you hear the word love? Your husband,wife, kids, cute puppies? Love means a lot of different things to different people.

There are different types of love and different languages of love. Today’s post I am going to explore the meaning of Love.

To me love means a lot of things and it is different for different people. The love I have for my kids is different then say the love I have for ice cream. I picked the title; Love, The Other 4 Letter Word, because sometimes Love is hard and it makes you want to shout out some choice 4 letter words. But great things don’t come easy, right?

Below I go over the types of love and love language. It is important to understand what love language you are. You can be more than one, but one may be more prominent than the other. And it is even more important that you and your partner understand what “Language of Love” the other is. Just knowing this tidbit of information can help you understand what makes your man/woman tick. Take this quiz to see what language of love you are.

Read below and I will share my quiz results!

Type of Love

  • Agape – this is unconditional love; selfless, the type of love I have for my children. It is the type of love that no matter what they do or say, my love for them will never change. It is probably the strongest love I have ever felt.
  • Pragma – this is a longstanding love; this is the type of love you might have for your parents or siblings. It is enduring love. Pragma is also a love that grows and matures over time. I will explain more about that next.
  • Eros – this is romantic love; it starts out as maybe love at first sight or a lust even. Eros may be what you feel when you first meet your partner. This type of love is sometimes “what burns out” and Eros can evolve into Pragma. Remember what I said above? Pragma is the love you have forever, it matures, it grows as you grow.
  • Philia – this is platonic love; the type of affectionate love you might have for a dear friend.
  • Storge – this is a familiar love; another type of love you might have for a parent or sibling.
  • Philautia – this is self love. You know when people say, “You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.” Well they are right. Self love is extremely important.
  • Ludas – think of butterflies in your stomach; that is what Ludas love is. It is more like an infatuation that for some will turn into a deeper love.
  • Mania- my least favorite kind of love; this is an obsessive love. Think jealousy, anger. This is not a healthy love.

Languages of Love

  • Words of affirmation – this exactly what you think it is. Some people speak this language of love. Small complements go a long way.
  • Service of Love – Don’t let the word service throw you off. This love language is when you get home and your significant other has folded the laundry without you asking. And immediately your heart feels full. That is service of love language.
  • Gifts – this one varies on a tad materialistic but some people associate small gift or even extravagant gifts as love. It is not a negative thing. Every relationship has a giver and a receiver. And through out the years those roles reverse. For years you might be the giver of the relationship and then one day you realize you are the receiver. So the language of love in relation to “gifts” doesn’t necessarily mean something materialistic.
  • Quality Time – this is a pretty big one. Date nights, time away from the every day norm. That is quality time.
  • Physical touch- some people like holding hands, or sitting next to each other on the couch. This is their love language.

My Results…

So what does Love, the other 4 letter word mean to me? Well according to the quiz I linked above, my language of love is “service of love”.

Language of Love Quote
Language of Love Quote

What does “Service of Love” say about me?

In a nutshell:“You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Sometimes I need you to show me you love me through your actions.”

I will go out on a limb and say this quiz was pretty right on the mark. I scored highest in the service of love category with Quality Time as my runner up. My lowest was physical touch. I love when my husband or my kids help without me asking. It makes my heart sing. And it makes me feel loved. Quality time is amazing. I love when I can spend a night away from everything with my husband and just enjoy each others company. I like taking my son to breakfast. I like going shopping with my daughter. Those are quality moments that make me feel loved.

I was not shocked to see physical touch last. I am not a touchy feel person. I am not big on PDA. I like holding hands in public but that is about it. And I am severely claustrophobic so a kiss better last a mere few seconds or I am gonna break out in hives and hyperventilate. Now if you are not a physical touch love language person, that doesn’t mean you are prudish. I still love intimacy. But it has it’s place. And it ain’t in public. And I don’t need physical touch to feel loved.

Love – The other 4 letter word

Some examples of when love just hits me right in the chest…

  • My husband sent me a picture of a construction site. Someone had painted a quote on the wall. It was one of my favorite quotes. That is love.
  • My son hugging me and kissing me on my head and saying I love you. That is love.
  • My daughter, when she calls me Jeanna instead of mom. That is love.

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