Lemons equal lemonade right?

Lemons Equal Lemonade Right?

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Lemons Equal Lemonade Right?

The Power of Positivity – Mind over Matter – Where there is a will there’s a way – Make Lemonade

Lemons Equal Lemonade Right? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

How many times have you heard this saying? Me, at least a million times if not more. I often repeat it to myself. Today’s post is about positive thinking, turning a not-so-sweet situation into something awesome, making the best of the situation…

Turning lemons into lemonade!

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results

Willie Nelson

The Power of Positivity

The power of positivity is truly a power. There are days when I feel that there is nothing positive, almost defeated, beat down. I am sure I am not the only one. Then I remember, I am the holder to my key, I control my destiny, if I don’t like it then I can change it. This dear reader is the power of positivity. How does one practice this? How does it become second nature? BELIEVING IT!

How to be more positive:

  1. Except what you cannot change.
  2. Change what you do not like.
  3. Learn to bend, life is not black and white.
  4. Hold your head high.
  5. Do not dwell in the past, that chapter is closed.
  6. Repeat 3 things that make you grateful, happy, etc in the mirror every morning.
  7. Set goals.
  8. Do not over-analysis situations.

Mind Over Matter

Mind over matters means WILLPOWER. When you want to give up, you must use willpower to overcome that feeling. Fight defeat and keep going.

How to achieve mind over matter:

  1. Visualize what you want.
  2. Give yourself a pep talk.
  3. Practice self-affirmation.
  4. Meditate.

Lemons equal Lemonade Right?

Lemons equal Lemonade Right?

Yes dear reader, they make the best lemonade. When life feels sour, sweeten it up!

Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see a shadow

Helen Keller

When life deals you a blow, don’t let it know you down. Instead tell yourself that it is just a speed bump and keep going.

Life has been hard lately. So many changes for everyone. Staying positive is not always easy. However, staying positive is the best medicine. Just know that any situation is only temporary. You can make changes. You are not alone. Do not try to do it alone. Check out this great blog that breaks down online counseling services. Sometimes we all need a little help with our lemonade!

And you can check out this link to read a previous blog of mine! Pandemic depression and how to fight it!

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