What Are you Thankful for?
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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

Definition of thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving


1: a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness

2: the act of giving thanks

3: a prayer expressing gratitude

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers. This has always been my favorite Holiday. It is so rich with memories. I remember being in kindergarten (that was a long long time ago) and learning the meaning of Thanksgiving. We made little pilgrims and Indians out of toilet paper rolls. We had a Thanksgiving play, and I was so proud to be the little Indian girl.

We all know the story of Thanksgiving, or we should. It is when the pilgrims and Indians come together to share their harvest. In the bible, Thanksgiving is reflected as giving thanks, peace, sacrifice, and offerings. Here is a great story about this history of Thanksgiving.

In everything give thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Every Thanksgiving family and friends come together and share a huge meal, usually Turkey, dressing (stuffing) and all the trimmings. We watch football, look at old pictures, share memories and hopefully enjoy each others time. Thanksgiving also now signals the beginning of the “Holiday Season” with Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving night. I have mixed emotions about this. Part of me hates that we have not finished one Holiday before moving on to the next. But the other part of me realizes that this to has become part of the tradition.

I try to imagine what it was really like in 1621. The pilgrims just lost a lot of their colonists. They weren’t sure how they would make it through the winter. The Indians who knew how to grow food, shared with them. And they feasted together in celebration on venison, turkey, and corn.

Then I think about those families who can’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or the homeless community, or even families who have loved ones in the hospital. What will their Thanksgiving be like? My heart breaks for them as their Thanksgiving will be a little harder. I pray that they find peace in their blessings.

Today as we eat our Turkey, watch football, and anxiously wait to start out shopping marathon, take a moment to remember those Indians and pilgrims. Take a moment to pray for those less fortunate. And take a moment to be truly Thankful for your blessings. So many blessings. And if you can, do something kind for someone else. Go out of your way to give to someone else.

Personally this Thanksgiving will be a little harder for our family because we are minus one person at the table. My mother-in-law, whom loved Thanksgiving, passed away several months ago. I woke up at 2 o’clock this morning with her on my mind. I am going to miss seeing her today. I am going to miss her fussing over cooking but then the big smile on her face when everyone is eating. I am going to miss my favorite cake she made. It is a yellow cake covered in the pecan gooey greatness! Most of all I am just going to miss her. I try to tell myself that she is now healthy, and that is a BLESSING. I try to remember the 5 stages of grief and know this feeling is okay. So I am going to end this post with some of my many blessings that I want to remember today.

My Blessings

  • My husband, whom is so patient with me all of the time.
  • My beautiful children, Katie and Jesse, whom I love more than anything.
  • My amazing (almost son-in-law) Storm, who is so kind and loving to my daughter.
  • My family, those here and back home.
  • My friends, who even I can go weeks without talking to but are always there.
  • My job which I absolutely love.
Happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

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