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Happy Fall Y’all

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Happy Fall Yall!

October is my favorite month! It signifies the change of season, holidays fast approaching, cuddle weather, hot apple cider, and cool nights. 

Happy Fall Y'all!

My Favorite Fall Activities

Happy Fall Y’all. I grew up in Tennessee but now I am a Floridian. So fall is a bit different in the Sunshine State. I do miss the beautiful change of colors on the maple trees and the big oak trees in Tennessee. Here in Florida, it seems we go from 100-degree weather to cool nights. No gradual change but just happens overnight. None the less I still welcome it and love pulling my jeans from the back of the closet, boots, and soft sweaters. All the candles are replaced with fall scents such as apple spice, pumpkin, and cinnamon clover! Out with the summer decorations and in with the pumpkins! So if you love this time of the year as much as I do then keep reading for some great fall fun-filled activities!

I love a great oyster roast. My dear hubby will build a fire and lay a flat sheet of tin across the fire. Oysters will go down and get covered with wet clothes to steam them open. A little butter, caesar dressing, or hot sauce to top those bad boys, YUMMY! Pair this with friends on a cool night and cold beer = a perfect evening! If you have not experienced an oyster roast then you are missing out my friend. 

Skeet shooting is another great fall activity! It is too damn hot to stand out there all day during the summer. But it is pretty damn exhilarating to shoot clay birds with your 12ga shotgun! This is a family affair for sure and loads of fun. I will admit, I am not the best shot (barely hit any) but I love spending time with my family and this is an event we all enjoy!

Outdoor markets! I love love love visiting the state farmers market, local art markets, and outdoor markets when the weather is cooler! There is nothing better than a day spent wandering through these rows of veggies, crafts, art, flowers, honey, homemade jellies, and just about anything your heart could desire. I am grateful that my dear hubby also loves this activity as well. We start the morning with coffee and breakfast and end the day with a truck full of goodies. It is a great Saturday event! Check out this website for local outdoor markets. 

These are just a few of my favorite activities for fall. Comment below some of your favorite fall activities. My next blog post will be a few of my go-to fall recipes. (Yes I do cook occasionally). Until next time…XOXO

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