DIY Christmas Wreath on a Budget

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DIY Christmas Wreath on a Budget

It is that time again people. We are all busy decorating or some of us have already completed the decorating and now on to shopping. Well the holidays are expensive! So over the next week I am going to share with you some of my DIY projects, candy recipes, and survival tips!

Today I will show you my DIY Christmas Wreath on a Budget. I did this whole gnome and woodland theme this year for Christmas. I love changing up the theme each year, that alone can get expensive. So I have to improvise and find ways to reuse what I have or make it for relatively cheap.

The Christmas Wreath comes with an amazing backstory. Read the history of the Christmas Wreath here.

I could not find a gnome wreath anywhere, so that I did have to make. I absolutely love how it turned out and the fact that it only cost me about $8 to make was even better!

Supplies for my DIY Christmas wreath on a budget

  • Ordinary green wreath (Dollar store, $2)
  • 4 flower picks (Hobby Lobby, $0.59)
  • The wooden bridge (Hobby Lobby off clearance in back $0.50
  • The Christmas tree (I already had it, it was an ornament)
  • The little gnome and wagon (Hobby Lobby by the wedding stuff, $4)
  • Stuff I already had on hand included green wire to secure bridge to wreath and my trusty glue gun! Never leave home without it!
DIY Christmas Wreath on a budget
My thrifty DIY Christmas Wreath Supplies
DIY Christmas Wreath on a budget
DIY Christmas Wreath on a budget

From this point, I had a vision. I knew I wanted the gnome with the wagon and tree on the bridge. I also wanted it to look like a winter scene. So armed with a glue gun, green flower wire and a snowy wreath (not pictured) I set out putting all the pieces together.

I used hot glue first to secure the tree into the wagon. They I used hot glue to secure wagon and gnome onto the bridge. The hardest part was getting this quite heavy bridge secure to the wreath. Lots of green flower wire later, it is not going anywhere.

I really wish I had taken pictures of the wreath making process but here is the finished product!

Here is a post from my DIY fall centerpiece. All dollar store finds!

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