Coming Home – Just a tease

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Coming Home – Just a tease

Coming Home is my second novel. I published it today. The Ebook is available at this link. The print version will be available in several days. Here is an insert from Chapter 7 and I have included a little blurb about the novel.

Coming Home – Blurb

Dr. Ruby Love receives a cryptic message about her estranged brother. This message sends her rushing home, 800 miles, without telling her family. During her stay, Ruby comes to terms with her broken relationship with her brother, attempts to reconnect with family and finds comfort from her ex-boyfriend.

However Ruby soon realizes that home is not always where you think it is. Home is where your heart is. This 800 mile journey teaches Ruby a lot about herself and helps her rebuild those relationships that mean the most to her.

Chapter 7

There he stood on the front porch with a bag in each hand. I am sure we both had the same astonished look on our faces. I guess we stared at each other for a good two minutes before saying anything. He looked the same. Well, the same but older. He aged well. There stood Kris Hatcher with the same black hair, mocha brown eyes and beautiful dark olive skin. He looked, and me and shook his head as he smiled. I remember him doing that a lot. “Well damn, say it ain’t so,” he says as he is juggling the bags between arms. “Come in,” I meekly say. My voice sounds weird, I think. “You have not changed one bit, Ruby. I swear you do not look a day over 25. I guess it has been that long, though. Thirty years since you left Memphis.” Kris continues to stand in the kitchen with the bags in his hands, staring at me and shaking his head. I grab the bags and put away the groceries he brought back to me. “I had no idea this was your place. I can find somewhere else,” I blurted out. “Nonsense. Anyway, it is an ice storm covered in snow out there. Maybe you did not notice,” he laughs. He sets down at the table like this is normal. I am slowly going into shock and having a mini panic attack, which I am hiding very well. Meantime Kris is looking at me like we just saw each other yesterday. And he keeps shaking his head in disbelief. “What on earth are you doing here,” he asks? I tell him briefly what little information I know about Ronnie. “I remember your brother very well. After you left, we remained friends, and I even helped him out of a bind a time or two,” Kris stated. “Y’all were friends?” I asked. “Well of course we were friends Ruby Mae. I met him the same time I met you. I will never forget you almost knocking me out cold with that damn book bag of yours, “he chuckles. “I guess I just never realized that y’all hung out,” I was surprised. By the time Kris entered the picture, Ronnie was never at home and when he was, it was to get money and clean clothes. He had dropped out of school and was working odd jobs. Kris and I talk a few more minutes. It was kind of awkward. He must have said at least five times, if not more, “I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe you are at my cottage.” Kris mumbled something about having to take care of the horses and heads back to the main house. “I’m really sorry about your brother, Ruby Mae. I hope you find the answers you are looking for darling.” I stand there at the kitchen counter, dumb founded. I have not seen him in nearly 30 years and yet my insides feel like jello. How in the world does this man still influence me? 

I spend the rest of the afternoon reading the same page in a book repeatedly. I go through an entire pot of hot tea. My mind cannot focus on anything right now. Now more than ever, I really need to find out what happened to Ronnie and get home.  Being here, at Kris Hatcher’s home was just too much. Too much on top of everything else. 

And if you have not read My Demons…

Please do! It is a book of short stories that are all amazing. I will post a link here. And I am thinking about taking each one of those stories and turning them into a full novel. Each character has so much to share!

Coming Home
Coming Home

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, provided me with encouraging words and shared my book! It is a very hard thing to publish something that you think is great but not everyone agrees. Writing and being published has been a long time dream for me and I am just excited to even have my work out there. If you can take the time and please go and review the books when you read them I would appreciate it! I will post those links below.

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