Coming Home ~ A look into my novel

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Coming Home ~ A look into my novel

Coming Home


A memory from 1978~Ronnie and I are sitting on the curb waiting on the Christmas parade to start. I loved the Christmas parade. My momma dressed me up in my red velvet dress, tights and little boots that she picked up from the thrift store. I was so cold. I wish I had pants on like Ronnie. We took the MATA downtown with some quarter’s momma gave us. “Here, Ruby Mae, you can have the last sip,” he says as he passes me the steaming cup of hot chocolate. “Do you swear, Ronnie?” I question him as I happily take the cup. “I swear Ruby, now drink it before you freeze your legs off,” he also wraps his coat around my legs as any overprotective brother would do. 

A memory from 1989 ~ I veer my car onto I240. I look around at everything familiar. Everything I have known my entire life. A tear rolls down my cheek as I think this will be the last time I ever live in Memphis.

Coming Home

Coming Home is my latest novel. I have completed the last edit and currently working on the book cover. Someone asked me recently, why do I write. Specifically why now, at the age of 46 did I decided to start writing and publishing. Well there really is no simple answer. I have always used a journal for daily thoughts and prayers. I have written several short stories and poems, actually have full notebooks, since I was a kid. Writing is therapeutic and almost cleansing of the soul. Sometimes I can feel a story that needs to be told. Publishing a book is scary and nerve racking. Just because I love the book and feel like the story is complete, not everyone else does. So it is a leap of faith when I hit the publish button.  

Coming Home is a fiction novel but does have some (only some) similarities to my life. Writing the story of Dr. Ruby Love returning to her home town, only to realize it was no longer home, was very real for me. I hope you enjoyed the prologue and just as excited about the release date. 

I will also be posting the blurb and several exerts from the book prior to the release date. 

My Demons ~ by Jeanna Simpson

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My Demons

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  1. I wish to publish a book one day too, it’s been a dream since I was literally 10 years old. I had a writing block until my 21st and then decide to start my own blog which has helped so much! Love the little preview. 🙂

    Melissa | Rosy Melissa

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