Bible Journaling and Verse Mapping

Why do I journal and how do I do it?

I started journaling several years ago after my battle with cancer. It was an outlet. Now I just love it. My mom always journaled. Her system was a little crazy but it worked for her. She would journal on anything she could find. If she had a thought and all she had near was the back of the envelope then that is where she wrote her journal entry for the day. When she passed I got many of her journal books and so enjoyed reading them. If definitely give me a different perspective on trusting God and being a mom.

What is bible journaling?

There is a broad answer to this. Growing up we had quiet time and to this day I still practice that. So today I spend an hour each day, usually in the morning. I think about what is on my mind and what I need guidance for. I then search the bible for a verse pertaining to my situation for that day. My method is pretty simple.

  • Read the verse in multiple versions of the bible.
  • Examine and analyze the verse and determine how I am going to apply it to my life.
  • Apply the verse to my current situation.
  • Pray.

Verse Mapping.

I keep a notebook/journal. There are several beautiful bibles on the market that have just extraordinary watercolor graphics in the bible. You can use special bible markers as well. I chose to just use a notebook. Verse mapping is very important to me because it is a way that I can really breakdown the verse and try to understand the message.

  • Write it down in your journal
  • Map it – high light what catches your eye, make notes, underline or circle things you have questions about.
  • Write a small insert summarizing the verse
  • Apply it. Write in your journal how you are going
  • to apply this verse to your life
  • Pray about it. If you think it is something that you are going to have assistance with then tell God.
  • Ask Him to help you.

Daily devotionals

There are many, thousands, of journal books on the market. Some of them even have templates that you can follow through. There are also some amazing apps. I am currently using Tecarta Bible. I love this app because you can switch from several different versions of the bible and follow along with their daily devotional calendar.

So in conclusions,

If you do not have a beautifully illustrated bible to journal, use a notebook and one bible. Download an app on your phone, google it. The main thing is that you are spending time each day devoting uninterrupted time with Him.

Stay tuned as I am going to start my bible verse mapping and journal entries on my blog. I hope they are an inspiration to you. Good day, great people.

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