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A few brilliant things on my mind or in my mind

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A few brilliant things on my mind or in my mind. Just gonna drop it here for you to see.

A very tired wife, mom, nurse, blogger, aspiring author…A few brilliant thoughts later.

So my blog is about every day with Jeanna Kay, right? Well today yall, I am just plain tired. It is nearly 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I worked last night. This means I got up yesterday around 2 o’clock, worked 7 pm to 7 am and have been up since. I’m not complaining. I had stuff to do.

But let me tell you about the next post I am working on…

  • 15 Quotes to live by – this will feature some of my favorites
  • My Post Malone addiction – yes I am putting it out there
  • Music therapy – think Risky business, dance off’s (Grey’s Anatomy style)
Just gonna drop this here.

And yall I am hammering away at this novel. I am doing that thing though where you keep going back and reading and rereading what you already wrote. I have to stop doing that. So I am just going to keep writing until I feel like the story is told. THEN my dear followers….I am going to need some proofers!

PROOFERS? right, I just made that up! Or maybe I didn’t. Maybe it’s a real thing. But basically I am going to let 3 people read my book (after signing a waiver) and give me the guts and glory! The real deal. Tell me what I expanded too much on, what I need to add, etc. You get the idea!

All of this, while writing two papers this week for my BSN, working, being a wife, being a mom, attempting to cook a real meal tonight…

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