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7 Days 7 Post Challenge – Day 3

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7 Days 7 Posts Challenge - Day 3

7 Days 7 Post Challenge

Welcome to day 3 of the 7 day post challenge created by www.daysixtyfive.com. Today the post is to write about a day that you will never forget. I have many. I was unsure about which one to choose. I have some amazingly happy days, some great memory days, and some really sad days. Of course we all have those milestones;

  1. when we met our spouse
  2. wedding day
  3. birth of our children
  4. death of a loved one
  5. some exciting or traumatic event

As you can see the list could grow quite long. I am going to tell you about the last day I saw my dad. That day was January 2, 1994. He passed away several days after that. 

7 Days 7 Post Challenge

A day I will never forget

My dad was a character. He was the life of the party, always smiling, and always had something witty to say. He loved to cook, throw parties, working with his plants, and loved his dog Sheba. Sheba was this black miniature poodle. 

The last day I saw my dad alive was January 2, 1994. I was carrying a pan back to him. He had a huge smoker and had smoked a turkey and ham for me over the holidays. He called me and told me to bring his pan back to him and he had something new for me to try. He was always cooking up some recipe he saw on TV. I almost didn’t go and was making excuses to go another day. I am so glad that I didn’t, as this was the last day I spoke with my daddy.

My daddy had this thick long blue black hair. It was beautiful. My step-mom put a perm in it. Well it was quite comical. I remember walking into the front door and my daddy was sitting in his recliner. His little dog Sheba loved to climb up on his shoulders and kind of nestle herself in the crook of his neck or even on top of his head. She was tiny. I remember looking at my daddy and laughing. “What have you done to your hair?” I laughed as I asked this question. 

His hair resembled an afro bigger than a football helmet. It was so big and curly that little Sheba was lost in it. I could see Sheba’s eyes peering out but could not make out her little body because it was lost in my daddy’s hair. 

My daddy went on to say Helen, my step-mom, was going to have to fix it. He was not happy about the end result either. We had lunch, which was a new concoction he made up. He fried chicken and when it was right out of the pan he rolled it in a sauce he made of salsa and brown sugar. I know it sounds weird but that was the best fried chicken I have ever had. We ate fried chicken, jalapeno corn cornbread, and potato salad. After lunch we got the coconut cream pie (he made homemade) and literally sat at his bar with forks in hand and ate the entire pie right out of the pan. 

I will never forget that day and I am so grateful that I could experience it. See my dad was not always around when I was growing up. So being able to develop a relationship with him when I was older was amazing. It breaks my heart that my husband and my kids never got a chance to meet him but through my stories and memories I think they know him and love him. 

So if you knew Dickie Harris please share a memory or comment below. What is a day you will never forget?


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