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7 Days 7 Post Challenge: Day 2

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7 Post 7 Days Challenge
7 Post 7 Days Challenge

7 Days 7 Post Challenge: Day 2

Good Morning. We are on day 2 of this great challenge Jessica from Daysixtyfive.com created. Please hop over to her blog if you haven’t already. It is great. And I hope you enjoy day 2. Below I will post her image detailing what each day will be. XOXO. 

7 Days 7 Post Challenge
7 Days 7 Post Challenge

Day 2 - What are you looking forward to most this year?

2020, a new decade. Well I do not have any exhilarating plans for 2020 thus far, but it is only January. I will be finishing my BSN this year, we should be finishing up some major remodeling around the homestead, my daughter will be starting the nursing program and my son will finish high school. So that is some pretty big things going on. 

I guess what I am looking forward to is a year with a little less stress. One of my New Years goals was to live within my means and simpler. You can check out my 2020 goals here. With that being said, I am just excited to see what this year holds. 

I am working on a healthier me, I love my job, me and my husband have developed a love for weekend getaways so there are plenty of those in 2020. I am writing like crazy and hope to publish a book that people can’t put down. I have published two so far and though I think they were great, however,  I have not had an overwhelming demand for them yet. 

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge at work. I do not think you will ever stop learning in my profession (I am a nurse). 

I feel like 2020 holds a lot of new beginnings. I am not quite sure what they are yet but I do feel change in my bones. Call it a sixth sense but I have a feeling this year will trump others. 

So to summarize:

  1. Write a great novel
  2. Travel
  3. Watch my kids grow into great adults
  4. Reach some of my 2020 goals
  5. Less stress
  6. Enjoy life

I hope you are enjoying the 7 days 7 post challenge. Please subscribe below so you do not miss a post. I will still post Chapter 3 of Short Story Sunday. Check out chapter 1 and 2 here. Leave comments below. I love to read them. And please help me build an audience by liking and sharing to your social media. Much love from your favorite blogger! XOXO

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