7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

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7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

Good Morning dear readers. Today wraps up my 7-day writing challenge. It has been fun creating a writing sample with one inspirational word each day. I have taken several creative writing courses online and have learned that writing daily makes you a better writer. So, this challenge served many purposes. Just in the event, you need to catch up, you can click each button below to read the post from that inspirational word.

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Day 4 was my favorite. I think. It will for sure tug at your heart…

Day 5 features another poem about wedding dress buttons.

Day 6 was all about hot! Hot beignets, hot drivers, and just plain hot!

7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7 – Sacred

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge


I heard the bell jingle from the back storage room. A quick peek at my watch indicated it was just minutes before closing time. Great I thought to myself as I walked to the front counter, this better be quick.

“Can I help you,” I said dully as I secretly hoped the answer would be no. I was ready to head home, it had been busy all day and I was dog tired. I glance up for the first time and make eye contact with the lady at the counter. Tears were running down her face as she placed a dress bag on the glass counter in front of me. “I need to pawn this please,” she said with a sob in her voice. “Miss I don’t usually take in dresses. This is a pawn shop, we don’t resale a lot of clothes,” I replied.

“No you don’t understand,” she said as she unzipped the bag, “it is an antique wedding gown with hand-sewn pearls. Real pearls, hundreds of them.” I removed the gown from the bag and was in awe. It looked as if it belonged in a royal museum somewhere. “Where did you get this, if I may ask? And why do you want to pawn it?” My interest was growing. “I don’t want to pawn it, but it is all I have left and I am flat broke. I don’t even have money to feed my daughter tonight. It belonged to my great-great-grandmother. Legend has it that each pearl was a gift from her betrothed. It took several seamstresses to hand sew each one into place,” she replied with a hint of pride in her voice. “The wedding never happened. Her fiance was on one last journey before the wedding when his ship went missing. The ship was named Sacred. So my great-great-grandmother never wore the dress but kept it locked away in a trunk. She eventually married another but never gave up hope that her sailor and Sacred would one day return.” I placed the dress back in the bag, “That is a beautiful story but I cannot let you pawn this dress.”

“Look, I need help around here. I run this place by myself,” I said as I handed her $50 out of the register. “Consider this an advance. Come by in the morning and I will get you started.” Fresh tears started rolling down her face, “Are you sure? I am not looking for a handout but really could use the job.” I walked her to the door, “See you bright and early. I like to open at 7 a.m.” I replied.

After the lady left I hurried to lock up and turn out the lights upfront. My hands were shaking as I entered the back storage room and went straight for the box. My box. As I lifted the lid I could feel my pulse race a little. Inside the box was a beautiful veil covered in pearls. It was the only thing I had from my biological mom. It was from my great-great-grandmother who was supposed to marry a sailor with a ship called Sacred.


Well, this concludes the 7-day writing challenge but I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have found my blog niche. See I started blogging in 2019 and I have written about several things and kind of all over the place. Many bloggers in the community always say you need a niche or a narrow field of what you write about. I love creative writing and motivational writing. So tell me what you think. Do I need to narrow my blog niche to just include creative writing pieces and maybe motivational pieces such as those about parenting, marriage, and scripture? I would love to hear your comments below!

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