7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

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7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6

Hello Dear Readers, today the inspiration word is hot. I am going to include a scene from a novel I am currently working on. If you have missed any of my other writings from previous days you can catch up here.

Did you say HOT?


The heat mixed with the smells is making my stomach turn. How does a city so rich in history smell of urine, booze, and sex? I am hot, and not the sexy hot, but the hot where my shirt is sticking to the middle of my back and clinging to areas I prefer it not cling to. Yet here we are, the five of us, sipping coffee and eating fried donuts, pretending to have a good time.

“Betty, did you hear me?” Tulah ask. I look up from my dark coffee and stare at Tulah. “No,” I reply simply. I am still mad at her. “Snap out of it Betty. We are making plans for today’s adventures!” she said in her rather loud very southern accent. I nod and smile as I look around the table. Am I the only one miserably hot? Physically and mentally? Three days into this girl’s vacation and I am so hot with anger I could literally rip Tulah’s red-headed mop right off her shoulders! I mentally chastised myself.

Well, I have a secret too. One that I am not going to share with any of them. While they were all cooning over the driver that we hired for the week, I kept my secret. Let’s just say the driver is very hot and I did not mind the heat we created in the back seat of the Tahoe while the rest of the girls were sleeping off their hangover. Touche Tulah!

“What are you smiling about Betty?” June questioned me with almost a knowingly look. “Nothing sweet June, I am just enjoying this delicious hot coffee and beignets,” I say with a huge smile. Let them wonder. I have always been the predictable one. Poor Betty. Well, poor Betty my ass!

Writing for me has always been therapeutic, whether it is creating a fictional story, an inspirational blog or just journaling. Check out my author page on Amazon where you can find two of my published books.

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.

Susan Sontag
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