7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5

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7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5

Welcome to day 5. The inspiration word is BUTTON. Today I am sharing a poem I wrote. Writing poetry is something very new for me so be kind. If you missed the previous days you can click the button below and it will launch the writing page of my blog.

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

Wedding Dress

18 buttons I say

Button one represents the day I saw your blue eyes and beautiful smile

Button two represents the night we spent hours sharing each other’s life stories.

16 buttons to go

Button three is for the day you said I would be your bride

Button four is for the day we made that love drive to our new home

14 more buttons

Button five is for that first night as man and wife

Button six is for that first fight as man and wife

12 buttons remaining

Button seven is for moving into our first home we purchased together

Button eight is for preparing the first baby nursery

10 more buttons I say

Button nine is for the blessing of baby number two

Button ten is for the support you forever give

8 buttons left

Button eleven is for being my best friend

Button twelve is for the patience you forever exhibit

6 buttons remain

Six buttons remain because we still have a lifetime to live

Six buttons remain to represent what has not come as of yet

Six more buttons before we start again

I am going to say writing a poem is much harder than a short story or scene. There are so many different types of poetry and as you can tell not all of them have to rhyme. Check out this great post on how to write a poem and different types of poetry.

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