7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge

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7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3

Hello Dear Readers. I am a little behind but welcome to day 3 of the 7-day writing challenge. Today the inspiration word is COLD. It is not too late to join in if you would like. I will post the rules and the inspiration words below. Also if you missed day 1 and day 2 of my writing samples you can check them out below.

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

Day 3 – Cold

I held onto the quilt and pulled it tightly around me. I was too timid and afraid to be close to the fire. Instead, I chose a spot behind the dumpster to bed down tonight. It was so cold. Even with two pairs of socks on my hands, I could barely feel my fingertips. It was a hell of a place I ended up I thought to myself as I tried to pull myself into a tighter ball under my only prized procession.

“Come stand by the fire kid,” one of the others yelled with slurred speech. They had been drinking. Maybe I picked the wrong place to sleep tonight. It was one of the few places in the city that cops didn’t bother the likes of us. I just shook my head. “The kid is a mute,” one of the others laughed while pointing at me. I didn’t need trouble tonight, but I also did not need them to know I was a girl and they surely would if I opened my mouth. So, I did the next best thing. I started hacking, deep coughs with a force that made it appear I was going to lose a lung any second. “Damn kid stay the hell over there. That virus is taking us out quickly!” the bald one yelled.

A sign of relief escaped my lips and I knew I was safe for tonight. No one would come near me now. Everyone on the streets was afraid of getting the virus. They still haven’t given it an official name but since the weather turned cold people were dropping dead like flies. I finally feel my body warming as I drift off to sleep. I dreamed all night, vivid dreams. I was no longer cold but on a beach. The next minute I was on a roller coaster. The dream kept changing. I couldn’t keep up and I woke startled, out of breath, and freezing cold. Before I rise for the morning, I gather up my meager belongings and pack them away in my bag. I make sure my hair is nice and tucked under my hat. I do my best to appear like a young boy. Women do not do well in homeless camps.

I stand up with the intention of starting my day and the world begins to spin. I take the socks off my hand and touch my face. I am burning up with a fever. I was dreaming about the beach because my body was on fire. Damn, this cold weather and this damn virus have caught up with me. I get myself to the nearest emergency room. I stare at the clipboard trying to decide what name to put. Who will keep me safe? I sign in as Rebecca Roman. This means the Feds will find me but when I think of the odds of beating this virus, I am pretty sure it is not going to matter. I just don’t want to be cold anymore.

Ok, dear readers, what did you think? If you have been reading my short story Sunday, Protected, then Rebecca Roman may ring a bell. And if you have not read my latest novel please go check it out. If you have Amazon Prime you can read the e-book for free.

Coming Home is a novella about Dr. Ruby Love that returns home after being estranged from her brother. Her brother who is now deceased. While home Ruby Mae realizes that her life was not exactly as perfect as everyone thought and home is not always home.

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