7 Day Writing Challenge

7 Day Writing Challenge

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7 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2

Today is day 2 of the 7-day writing challenge. See below for rules and inspiration. Just in the event, you missed yesterday’s post I will link it here. It is not too late to join in. I would love to see some of your writing samples, whatever they might be!

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

Day 2 – Love

7 Day Writing Challenge
7 Day Writing Challenge

Do You Know Love?

Do You Know Love?

Love is the first time you make eye contact with the man of your dreams.

Love is the butterflies you feel when he kisses you for the first time.

Love is so many things.

Love is seeing your mom smile because she is so happy for you.

Love is seeing your man at the end of the aisle waiting for you to marry him.

Yes, I know love.

Love is screwing up but not breaking up.

Love is forgiveness several times over.

Do You Feel Love?

Love is that feeling you get instantly when the pregnancy test is positive.

Love is feeling your baby kick for the first time.

Yes, so much love.

Love is watching your husband hold his baby girl then his son for the first time.

Love is falling in love over and over again.

Love can hurt.

Love is understanding no one is perfect and loving them anyway.

Love is saying sorry and moving past it.

Love always wins.

Love is watching your kids grow into beautiful young adults.

Love is watching them start their own lives and encouraging them to do great things.

Love is always kind.

Love is when your husband knows something is wrong but doesn’t push you.

Love is when you support each other no matter what.

Love is understanding.

Do you know Love?

I know love, a million times over, I know love.

Well, this was my first attempt at a poem. I hope you enjoy. Love seemed fitting since Valentine’s is in two days. So I am dedicating this poem to my husband of 25 years. Happy Valentine’s Day baby. Thank you for everything you do for me and our family. I love you! XOXO.

Check back tomorrow for day 3 of the 7-day writing challenge. The inspiration word is COLD. I already have a great idea, and cannot wait to share. I am excited to see your samples. Please start tagging and sharing! Check out this great article on tips for creative writing.

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