raising awesome teen boys

5 Tips for Raising AWESOME Teenage Boys

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Sons are the anchors of a mother's life


5 Tips for Raising Awesome Teenage Boys

5 tips for raising awesome teenage boys

Do you remember the book, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus? The book was written in 1992 by John Gray, a counselor. It was an amazing book. Basically it broke down the psychological difference between men and women. With that being said, if you have kids, what works for one may not work for the other.

Today I am going to talk about tips on raising a teenage boy! I have one. It is hard. Like really hard people!

How about the old saying, “she’s a daddy’s girl” or “he’s a mommas boy”? Well yep, that is true! Girls respond better to their dads and boys respond better to their mommas! At least that was proven in my house. So if you have a teenage boy in your house and currently feel like you are raising an emotional wielding, very tall, hormonal monster, then stay tuned…

Tip #1 – Raising Teenage Boys

Be patient. As parents, we expect a lot. Sometimes too much. And most likely too fast. It takes a pine tree years and years to grow. We can’t expect our sons to mature overnight. We give them love, water them with understanding, kindness, and help them grow into mature men.

Tip #2 – Raising Teenage Boys

Slow down on the criticism. They are not perfect. Hell, we are not perfect! Do you like when everything you do is criticized? Sure, there are going to be times when constructive criticism is needed. However, let’s turn it into a teaching opportunity. And praise them, encourage them. Think of it as a 3:1 ratio. For every 1 criticism find 3 praises.

Tip #3 – Raising Teenage Boys

Understand they are boys. Think of testosterone. Think caged animals. Boys are not wired to sit at a desk all day, or in front of a computer for long hours. They become unruly like an animal that you would cage up. Teach them discipline and responsibility but understand that some things are just going to be harder for them because THEY ARE BOYS and are FULL OF TESTOSTERONE.

Tip #4 – Raising Teenage Boys

Set very clear rules. Boys are not like girls in this category. They need very specific rules. They need very specific guidelines. If you tell your son to clean the kitchen, he is going to wash the dishes. However, in your mind, a clean kitchen includes the dishes, wipe down the stove, take out the trash, and sweep the floors. So instead of getting angry be very clear. “Hey son, clean the kitchen and blah, blah, blah…” You get it right?

Tip #5 – Raising Teenage Boys

Territory. Let me explain this. You have a dad and son living in the same house. The son is a teenager and has raging hormones. All of a sudden, he and the dad are at each other’s throats. That’s because they are both pissing on their territory. I don’t know any better analogy. But it is normal. And it will pass. Dad’s just need to understand this and be supportive (but with boundaries) and be there when the hormonal tornado that was once your son decided to calm down.


I could literally list at least 10 more tips on raising teenagers in general. Check out this post about mom labels. I was a horrible teenager. And I am not a perfect mom. But I do know that we want to raise our little baby boys into amazing men. The in-between is rough. Remember though how rough it was for you when you were a teenager. Now quadruple that because of the society we live in today. So be an adult and sustain those hard years so when your teenager is no longer a teenager you have an amazing young man and an amazing relationship with him!

5 tips for raising awesome teen boys

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