5 Reasons to Say Yes

5 Reasons to Say Yes

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5 Reasons to Say Yes

5 Reasons to Say Yes

Do you ever get tired of hearing the word NO or DON’T or even STOP? Often we associate these words with negative thoughts. You ask your kids to do something they say no or not right now. Or my all time favorite, “in am minutes.” The same goes when your kids ask if they can do something and you immediately say no. What is that feeling you get? Immediately you feel shut down. Now I am not telling all the parents and adults of the world to stop saying no BUT have you thought about the power of the word YES?

Let me explain. When you ask for a raise or a day off and the response is yes, you immediately feel elated, happy, euphoric. Right? Yes is a positive word. Yes can be followed by however or but as well. So if you want to be a yes person then keep reading for 5 reasons to say yes.

5 Reasons to Say Yes

  1. You attract more bees with honey. You can say yes even if you mean no. You just have to be tactful about it. Strategic even. For example; “Yes son, I understand you want to go to that party tonight. However, I am concerned about the weather and lack of supervision. I really don’t want you to be out tonight.” See how I did that? I just told my son no without ever using the word no. So he listened because I started the sentence with the word yes. If I said for example, “No you are not going because I said so”, he immediately would have stopped listening after the word no and became angry.
  2. Saying Yes brings opportunities. Life and luck favor the bold. Don’t say no because of fear.
  3. It attracts positivity. Saying yes lifts moral. It evokes positive emotions. For example; someone at work asks you for your help. You are dog tired and in your head, you are screaming no. However, you say yes and complete the task. Afterward, you realize it was not that big of a deal and you helped a co-worker and potentially others as well. In the future when you are the one asking for help there will be no hesitation. Because your yes attracted and evoked positivity.
  4. Yes ensures trust. Sometimes saying yes lets that person know that you trust them. You believe in them.
  5. Yes is living life. This is more internal. When you tell yourself you cannot do something you are essentially telling yourself no. Life is not perfect and no one should ever wait for that perfect moment or the perfect time to say yes. When you want something, go for it. Do not let that negative no in your head keep you from doing what you are striving towards.

In a world currently full of NO, find a reason to say yes.

As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.

Louise Hay

Check out this great blog on how to change your thought process to say yes. And as always look back at some of my older posts as well. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. As I dish out this advice I play scenarios in my head where I could have said yes and had better outcomes. This is a learning process for me to…XOXO

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