5 of my FAVORITE Amazon Purchases!

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5 of my very favorite Amazon purchase must haves!

Who is not addicted to Amazon? You can search and find just about anything! This post will showcase some of my most recent purchases and why I absolutely love them!

Favorite Amazon purchase #1: COFFEE – A staple in my kitchen!

I love this cold brew coffee maker I just purchased. I add the coffee strainer to it and make my very own cold brew coffee! No need to stop at a coffee shop when your cold brew is doing it’s thing in your fridge! This coarse ground coffee I purchase comes in 6 different flavors and is heavenly!

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Favorite Amazon purchase #2:

Oats Overnight – Love my flavored oats!

Oats Overnight! This variety pack includes everything you need for a healthy breakfast! I literally pour this packet into my shaker, add my almond milk and stick it in the fridge. The next morning, give it another little shake and it is ready to go. I make my a little thinner so I can drink it on the go! You can use a mason jar with the drinkable lids or the oats overnight shaker!

Favorite Amazon purchase #3: Bible Journal – The NRSV Notetaker’s Bible

I love this bible, it has a generous margin on each page for note taking. Check out this link to purchase directly from amazon! Would make a great Christmas gift.

Favorite Amazon purchase #4: My mini Keurig

I love how slim this is and fits right next to my fridge. It does not take up a lot of space and still does the job!

Favorite Amazon Purchase #5: SugarBear Sleep Vitamins!

SugarBear sleep vitamins are a staple for a night shift nurse! I love these because they not only contain melatonin but also B-6, L-theanin and valerian root. All great aids to calm your body and help you sleep. SugarBear also makes several other great vitamins!

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