5 Important reasons to send Christmas Cards

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5 Important reasons to send Christmas Cards

5 Important reasons to send Christmas Cards
5 Important reasons to send Christmas Cards

Do you remember getting tons of Christmas cards every year? My mom would use scotch tape and tape them on the door, or on the wall next to the tree. There would be so many. And all so pretty. I used to love to stare at the beautiful pictures displayed on the front of the cards. Glittered birds, snow scenes, Santa Claus, and glittered Christmas trees.

Some would write a long paragraph inside and others a generic “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Then the e-cards came out. You could make a Christmas card on some website and email it out to your entire list. Those are lame. I am just saying. Sorry if I offend anyone.

Next were the Christmas letters. You would get a letter full of little tidbits of information that said family did through out the year with tiny pictures of family in the letter. Great idea but still not the traditional Christmas card.

Shortly after companies started offering up photo Christmas cards. I will admit I did do these for some years. You could load one or multiple pictures to a template, create a message, and viola have a stack of photo cards and all you had to do was stick them in an envelope and address to sender.

Now we Facebook a Christmas card. And that is okay. I get it. It takes forever to hand write messages in each card, address envelope, get stamps, and mail the cards. However, they are so much more personal. So without further ado…

5 Important reasons to send Christmas Cards

5 Important reasons to send Christmas Cards

  • It is tradition.
  • It is personal.
  • People love getting them.
  • Not everyone is on Facebook
  • They are beautiful to display

It is tradition.

Christmas cards have a rich history. They date back to 1843. That is a pretty long history and tradition. For as long as I can remember buying, sending, and receiving Christmas cards has always been part of Christmas. A very important part. I love opening up my mail box and seeing the colored envelopes from family and friends.

It is personal.

Sending Christmas cards is personal. You are taking the time to individually write out a message and mail this beautiful card. I promise you, even though you are grimacing sitting at the kitchen table with this daunting task, your receiver immediately gets a sense of warmth when they get your card. Even those cards that have a 3 word message still mean so much.

People love getting them.

They do. They might not like the task of sending them but everyone loves getting Christmas cards. Maybe if you don’t have time to send out 30 cards to your immediate or long distance family, then send 5 cards to ICU patients or soldiers. Now that is sure to brighten someone’s day.

Not everyone is on Facebook.

You can design some pretty cute cards and festive messages on Facebook. But not everyone is on Facebook. But if that is your thing then by all means continue to do that. However, take the time to send out a few cards to those you know who would really love them, like your granny (who doesn’t even have Facebook), or those friends and relatives that you know just really like that pretty card to scotch tape to their door or hang on a wreathe.

They are beautiful to display.

Christmas cards are just beautiful. Whether you go to the Hallmark store and pick out individual cards or buy a box from Target, they are all beautiful. The artists who design these creations are amazing.

These are just 5 important reasons to send Christmas Cards. I could literally come up with so many more reasons. I am guilty myself of not sending them every year. But I love the tradition and vow to make this a tradition again for our family.

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