5 Fun thanksgiving family traditions

5 Fun Thanksgiving traditions

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5 Fun Thanksgiving traditions

happy thanksgiving - fun family traditions

It is official. It is Thanksgiving week! When I was little this was my favorite holiday. Every year we drove to Nashville and stayed with my grandparents. Usually there was some snow. There was always family traditions! So read along for my top 5 favorite Thanksgiving family traditions!

Fun Family Thanksgiving Tradition #1

BOARD GAMES! Some of you may not even be aware of this concept. But let me tell you, my mama could whop your but in Trivia. Thursday night after everyone had at least their second meal of the day, we all started playing Trivia. And she took it very seriously! What I remember the most is us all just being around the coffee table, playing the game and laughing. It didn’t matter that I was terrible at it! 

Fun Family Thanksgiving Tradition #2

FOOTBALL! And no I am not talking about what everyone pretended to watch on TV while taking a nap. I am talking about a full on football game in the back yard with all your cousins, aunts and uncles! I knew nothing, I mean nothing about football. However, I do remember my Uncle Chet telling me I was running the wrong way. Evidently I was scoring for the other side. 

Fun Family Thanksgiving Tradition #3

CHRISTMAS TREE. You heard me. Thanksgiving night with my other grandparents was spent putting up the Christmas tree. And it was always my favorite tree. My mommy (grandmother) loved her birds. And that Christmas tree would be full of red birds! I started this tradition with my kids. We have made a few alterations, I am not gonna lie. I literally put my tree up today because I have to work on Thanksgiving. But none the less, it is an amazing tradition. 

Fun Family Thanksgiving Tradition #4

MOVIES. My mom loved to go to the movies on Thanksgiving night. The later the better. I remember going to see the newest Christmas movie at the theater at 11:00pm. 

Fun Family Thanksgiving Tradition #5

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. On the years we went to Nashville to stay with my grandparents, we would get up around 5 in the morning to hit the mall by 6. And we would shop all day! These women knew how to spot a deal. I am pretty sure all Christmas gifts were bought that day. 

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what you have and extending kindness to others. It is great that we have these wonderful traditions to help us remember the little things. I will never forget my Uncle Chet trying to explain a football play to me so I would stop scoring for the other team. I will never forget the board game Trivia. Every time I see a red bird I immediately think of my mommy. So don’t let traditions take away from the real meaning of Thanksgiving but embrace those traditions because 20 years from now those will be the little memories you cherish!

5 Fun thanksgiving family traditions

So consider a tradition. Find 5 fun things you can do with your family for Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed “5 Fun Thanksgiving Family Traditions.”

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