5 Amazing Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

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5 Amazing Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

5 Amazing Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers
5 Amazing Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Ok so I know we are a few days away from Thanksgiving, but I also know if you are anything like me the thought has crossed your mind at least once. “What am I going to do with all the leftovers?” Right? Seriously. We always have so much food left over and get bored with the same thing every day until it is all gone.

So prepare yourself dear readers for some of my concoctions. Since these are originals and I have not had a chance to actually use my Thanksgiving leftovers there will not be some amazing food pictures. However, I will try to throw in enough tantalizing descriptive words that will have your mouth watering and waiting on Friday to make up one of these recipes!

With that being said…We all know I do not cook. So I will be sharing these awesome recipes with the chefs in my house. My dear hubby and daughter Katie, please read below! Sounds great right?

Turkey Dressing Grilled Cheese

  • Hearty bread, like oatmeal bread
  • Swiss cheese
  • LEFTOVER Turkey
  • LEFTOVER stuffing (or dressing, depends on what state you hail from)
  • LEFTOVER cranberry sauce
  • butter

Throw this together like you would normally a grill cheese. Let this sizzle until the Swiss cheese is melted and the whole sandwich smells heavenly. This is like the entire thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich. Savory, sweet, warm, and delicious.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

  • LEFTOVER sweet potatoes
  • pancake mix
  • brown sugar
  • butter

This is quite simple and oh so good. Mix up your pancake batter but add just a little less water/milk that your brand calls for. Add a 1/2 of mashed sweet potatoes. Make the pancakes as you usually would. Mix softened butter with brown sugar to make your own “Brown Sugga” butter. As those flapjacks come off the griddle put a dollop of that butter on top!

Hoe Cakes

Now this might truly be a southern thing and I have seen them done several ways. My momma would take left over mash potatoes and mix in a little corn meal to make it sticky. She would then shape them into small (like palm size) pancakes and skillet fry them. So just a little grease, or butter. They are delicious.

Sheppard’s Pie

Now for this recipe you can either use left over turkey or brown you up some hamburger meat. I am going to give you the hamburger meat version.

  • brown hamburger meat (or turkey)
  • drain and put in casserole dish
  • use all that LEFTOVER green bean casserole on top
  • use any LEFTOVER mash potatoes on top of that
  • cover with cheese
  • bake and serve!

This recipe is great served with those Hoe Cakes up above!

Macaroni Cheese stuffed burgers

Now this is for that last LEFTOVER day when you are thinking if I have to eat one more thing that resembles Turkey I may shoot my big toe off. Well here you go.

  • make thin hamburger patties
  • use LEFTOVER mac and cheese and put a spoon full on top of that thin patty
  • take another thin patty and put on top
  • pinch those edges so you make like a hamburger pocket with all the goodies inside
  • fry these up in the iron skillet!
5 Recipes
Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

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