5 Amazing Posts Coming Soon

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5 Amazing Posts Coming Soon

It is day 2/365 and I am working on some amazing content! Please sign up to receive my blog via email so you do not miss a post. So many things for 2020 going on and I am so excited! Check out the list below for upcoming posts. 

  1. Dear Jeanna – this will be like a Dear Abby. I don’t know how many people remember her but it was an amazing column. People would submit their questions (all kinds of questions) and Dear Abby would answer them in a column in the newspaper or even magazine. So I have several questions to start with but please send me more! You can email them to [email protected]
  2. Keto – an entire series of posts on Keto. It will include my personal progress, tips, recipes and general information about the diet. So many benefits to this diet. 
  3. My new novel! Yes I am so excited. I received it back from editor and just need a week to make some adjustments. I will be posting sneak peaks on my blog before the publish date. It is a dramatic romantic novel about a lady doctor who comes to terms with her past, comes to a cross road, and then makes some pretty touch decisions. You will want to check this out for sure. 
  4. Downloads! Yes I am working on some pretty amazing FREE downloads for monthly budgeting, calendars, keto sample meals, keto shopping lists and many more. 
  5. Lastly, guitar and Spanish. These are two of my major goals this year. I want to be completely proficient in both of these by the end of the year. So look for posts for tips and tricks on mastering these two things as I learn them myself! 

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Don’t forget to send me those questions. I am thinking I will answer 2-3 per blog post. No questions are off limits! If I don’t have the answers or advice I will research the hell out of it. Happy Wednesday (I think, I worked last night). XOXO

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