4 Steps to an Organized Life

4 Steps to an Organized Life

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4 Steps to an Organized Life

4 Steps to an Organized Life

Today I am going to feature a "Dear Jeanna" column. The question proposed to me was, "How do you stay organized with everything you do?"

This is a very good question. Because if you know anything about me, then you know my life is pretty hectic. I work full time, I am currently in school to earn my BSN. I blog almost daily. I am writing my third novel, learning Spanish, trying to profect my guitar skills, and just started pilates. All of this while being a wife and a mom. So yes. A little busy. I do have a system though. Actually several. Which brings me to, my 4 steps to staying organized. 

1. Calendar

I keep a calendar. Like an actual hard calendar. A large desk one and a small one for my purse. They are replica’s of each other. What I write down in one I must write down in the other. And I write EVERYTHING down including what days I will write and how long I will allot myself on that day. 

2. Pace myself

I pace myself. I know my limitations and do not push myself. I do not try to do everything every day. That would be overwhelming and eventually the outcome would not prove to be well. 

3. Prioritize

This is very important. At the beginning of the week I look at everything I want to accomplish. I then look at what has to be done such as work, homework assignments, papers due, etc. Those of course come before guitar lessons, writing, etc. If you do not prioritize then you may miss something, like an important due date for an upcoming paper. 

4. Evaluate and Enjoy

You know the saying, stop and smell the roses? Well if you are so busy that you cannot enjoy life or what you are doing then it is time to stop something. So every now and then I will stop and evaluate. What can I live without doing? What makes me the happiest? What is keeping me awake when I should be sleeping? These are the questions I ask before I add something else to my “I want to do” list. For instance. I love these new boho inspired yarn wall hangings. LOVE THEM. Well I thought how great would it be if I knew how to make them and taught myself to weave. Well I drive myself to the local Joann’s and load up my cart with everything I need to make one of these beautiful wall hangings. Before I got to the register I started watching a YouTube video on how to make it. Well it is complicated and time consuming. I then added up the cost of all the supplies I had in my buggy. Next I priced one already made on Amazon. Needless to say after much evaluation, I unloaded my buggy and did not pick up this new project. 

Someone told me one time you can be great at one thing or just good at a bunch of things. I say that is total bullshit. If you want to do something, learn something or be something, then do it. Make time even if it is just an hour or two a week listening to a Spanish podcast or playing guitar with your husband. If it is something you enjoy then do it. 

Here is a great blog on organizing your life. And I love this bullet calendar from Amazon. You can also check out this post on surviving night shift nursing! Yes it is doable!

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