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4 Easy Steps to Saving Money

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4 Easy Steps to Saving Money

It’s a new year and new goals. One of my 2020 goals was to actually save money this year! Like really save. A Christmas fund, a vacation fund, and an emergency fund. Keep reading for 4 steps to saving money and FREE downloads (super cute) to help manage your monthly budget. 

Step 1 to saving money

Find your why. Have a goal in mind, a reward, a benefit. So sit down and write out a list of why you want to build your savings. It could be for a rainy day, improve your financial portfolio, a vacation fund, or next Christmas. 

Step 2 to saving money

Use a planner for your monthly bills, expenses and income. Include groceries, gas, dinners out, and anything your normally do. This will help you visiualize what you actually have coming in and what you have to pay out. Some will be surprised at how much extra money they spend. 

Step 3 to saving money

See where you can trim the fat so to speak. Can you let go of that Starbucks addiction? Monthly Boxycharm subscription? How much do you spend weekly eating out? Take that amount and compound it out through the year. If you can save $40 a week by not going to Starbucks , then that is $40 a week you can put in your savings. 

Step 4 to saving money

Direct deposit is your friend. Change your direct deposit to have a set amount go directly into your savings, that way you never miss it. When you have remaining money at the end of the month, make a commitment to put half of it in your savings. A little every week can add up to a large amount at the end of the year. 

Check out my free download that includes a PDF for each month. They are super cute, super easy, and will encourage you to set a plan! Enjoy!

Free Download
Free Download - Monthly Bill Planner
Sample Monthly Planner
Sample January Monthly Bill Planner

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