4 Characteristics of Fake People

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4 Characteristics of Fake People and how to deal with them.

4 Characteristics of Fake People
4 Characteristics of Fake People

Fakes. We have all been around them. You know what I am talking about. We know they are fake but somehow we can’t stand up to them and tell them they are fake. What does that make us? Human. Nice humans. So, the nice humans are trying to keep the peace and avoid the fakes. That is the way of the world.

Fakes are like a cliques. Like in high school. You had the popular kids, the pot heads, skaters, punks, etcs. You get my drift right. I was kind of like the odd ball. I had a few friends from each group but never really fit in to any one single group. As a teenager, that was hard. As an adult, I will stay in my lane and avoid cliques. And yes, adults have cliques too.

My arch-nemesis is a fake. Let me explain a fake.

Fakes are pretenders

Fake people are famous for pretending. They pretend to want to help you as they inch away without actually helping. They pretend to be more knowledgeable than they are, which in some cases can be quite dangerous. They pretend to like people to gain entrance into a group they believe is superior.

Fakes are big talkers

Fake people like to talk, a lot. They talk to hear themselves talk. Actually fake people talk so much, they fail to hear the person they are talking to. Fake people will talk kindly to your face but will rip you to shreds behind your back. Key; if they are talking about someone to you, then likely they are talking about you to someone else. Beware.

Fakes are climbers

Fake people climb. They will climb over you to get to the top and will not worry about the dirty foot prints they left on your back. They will go out of their way to gain attention from those above them in order to reach that level. Hey, the farther you climb, the harder you fall. Just saying.

Fakes are seekers

Fake people are seekers. They seek opportunities to show off. They are constantly looking for validation from others; their peers, their bosses and even their family. And if they are not validated they immediately go from hot to cold. Think of a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.

Fakes and How to Deal

Distance Yourself

Distance yourself from the fakes. Do not poke the bear, so to speak. If you buy into their bullshit and validate them, then they are winning.

Don’t take it personal

Remember, it is not you. It is them. Sounds like a break up line right? But really. You are not the problem. Do got your feelings hurt. Stay in your lane. They are the ones with the issues.

Stay Classy

Keep it above board. We are adults and surrounded by fakes. That is ok. Sometimes we have to grin and keep going. That was the whole think I was eluding to in the beginning. Are we fake for pretending to get along with the fakes? No. We are classy.

Point it out

Hey if you got the balls and just plain sick of it. Point it out. But keep it simple, sweet, and short. No need for hair pulling and claw scratching. Just make it known that you are on to their game. And you ain’t playing. Classy.


In life you will encounter all kinds of people. Know what kind of person they are. And know what kind of person you are. Never compromise yourself to fit in. Not in any arena. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, but don’t be a fake. XOXO

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