3 Reasons You Are Afraid of Change

3 Reasons You Are Afraid of Change

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3 Reasons You Are Afraid of Change

Hello dear readers! I know it has been a long time since I updated my blog. Life has been busy! With that being said, I hope you enjoy today’s post on 3 reasons you are afraid of change. Happy reading and please leave comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to get notifications when a new post is available! XOXO.

3 Reasons You Are Afraid of Change:

I think change affects everyone differently. Some fear it, some face it head on, and some of us welcome it and look at it as an adventure. That is me! Change is amazing and an adventure. Fearing change can be caused by many reasons.

  1. Fear of criticism. I am sure this has crossed your mind. We are human and innately are concerned about how others view us or accept us. Criticism can be hard. Unfortunately a lot of people let that stop them from doing what is best for them. Criticism is an opinion. Take it with a grain of salt but do not let someone else’s fear prevent you from your destiny.
  2. Fear of failure. This is a huge one. I probably should have made this number one. Fear of failure is a real phenomenon. When you are making a change in your life, whether it be career, love, etc. we always have that doubt of what if it does not work out. That my friend is the fear of failure. Well let me tell you, you will never know if it will work out if you do not try. Remember when you were a kid and learning to ride a bike? How many times did you fall before you were gliding down the street with the wind in your hair? ALOT! But on the joy of riding a bike is amazing!!! So don’t fear failure. Have confidence in yourself and get on the proverbial bike.
  3. Fear of success. I know, this sounds strange right? Who is afraid of success? Many! What if you do what you want and succeed? Does that change you, does it make people look at you differently? These are the things that will go through your head. The fear of success makes you really think about the big picture. When you step out of your comfort zone and do something different, it is truly scary. But if you are successful at it, then the change is amazing. Those who love you will have joy for you and support you.

3 Reasons You are Afraid of Change

And what do you do about it?

So how do you overcome the fear of change? Is that even possible? Yes, it is. First, evaluate the thing you want to change. Prepare yourself by creating a list, pros, and cons list. Ask yourself how important it is to you. Will this change better you, your life, your family? Write it all down. Then take it one step at a time. It is not a race. It is changing. Remember the fable about the hare and the turtle? Slow and steady win the race. To help conquer those fears of change, take it slow and steady. Be the turtle.

The short and skinny of today’s post (the conclusion), don’t be afraid of change. Change can be rewarding, beautiful, beneficial, exciting, and adventurous. Take it slow and steady. Embrace your destiny friends and reach for the stars!

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One thought on “3 Reasons You Are Afraid of Change

  1. Hi, Jeanna! I love how confident you are about change. At first I was one of those who feared change, I preferred things to stay the same. Anxiety strikes whenever I feel like things are changing and I’m not yet ready for it, but I realized I wasn’t ready because deep down I didn’t want to be. Since then, I tried and made peace with change. I practiced welcoming change in my life I even tell myself all the time, that all things good and bad come and go. And that nothing will ever really stay the same. This helped me accept change in my life, and now all it brings me is a peace of mind that even though some things dont last, I still remain hopeful. ? Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post! ??

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