3 Amazing Tips to taking a photo like a pro

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3 Amazing tips to taking a photo like a pro

Photography is the story I fail to put into words

Destin Sparks

Do you have a fancy camera? Or even just a out of the box canon with a million buttons and you are not sure what they are for? I absolutely love taking pictures. Today’s blog is going to explain just a few basic principles of setting up a shot to create a professional looking photograph!

3 amazing tips to taking a photo like a pro can be overwhelming but hopefully this article will help. All dslr cameras now have different shooting modes. There is usually a close up mode, action mode (for moving objects), a night scene mode and a group mode (for taking pictures of a large group of people).

However, to get the most out of your camera, switch over to the manual mode. This gives you complete control of setting up your shot. It does have a bit of a learning curve and I cannot teach you everything in this one post. There are three basic things you need to understand about your camera when using the manual mode. ISO, Shutter speed, and aperture. Let me break these down for you.


ISO refers to the lighting. Most cameras now have an ISO setting from 100-6400 or even higher. The higher the ISO the brighter the picture. So lets assume you are taking a picture outside during the day. You are gonna want your ISO really no higher than 200 because the sun is already lighting your subject.

If you went any higher your picture would be really blown out or over exposed. On the other end, lets assume you are taking a picture inside, at night. You will increase your ISO to add more light to the subject. A little tidbit on this though, the higher the ISO the more grainy the picture becomes.

Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed refers to how fast the picture is taken. Inside your camera is like a window that open and closes. As it opens it lets in light and takes the picture, then the window closes.

Think of the window as your shutter. The higher the number the faster that window opens and shuts. If you are opening and shutting the window say really fast, like 1/1000 of a second, you are not letting in very much light and the picture will take super fast. If you slow your shutter speed down really slow, like 1/4 of a second, the window stays open longer and more light comes in. However you have to be careful because the longer the window is open the blurrier your subject can get.


Aperture is my favorite. Do you ever see a picture and the subject is focused and the back ground is like this beautiful blurry scene? Almost like a water color with a sharp subject. That is aperture.

Aperture allows you to focus on the subject, bring the most light to the subject and less light to the surrounds. It makes your pictures almost look alive and really sets them apart from just a point and shoot mode. Aperture will be measured with the letter f. You will see f1.4 all the way to f32 on some lenses. Your lens determines the range of aperture you can achieve. For instance right now I have a 18-55mm 4-5.6F lens on my camera. This is a very basic lens but you can do so much with it.

How do I take a professional looking photo?

So 3 tips to taking amazing photographs like a pro is really a lot. So I am going to provide you with some examples and a few cheat sheets.

Now that i have thrown all these terms at you, you are probably wandering what next? Well think of these three terms like a triangle. When you change one, you must make sure the others are balanced as well. First determine what you want to take a picture of and how you want that picture to turn out. For this example I am going to use a little flower arrangement.

  • put camera in manual mode
  • determine your lighting, do you need to increase your ISO?
  • do you want the flower arrangement to pop out and the background to blur? Change your aperture
  • is your subject moving, do you need to change your shutter speed?

Here is a great blog to several amazing PDFs you can print as cheat sheets until you are really comfortable making adjustments on your own.

Cheat sheet for mastering exposure:

3 Amazing tips to taking a photo like a pro
Exposure Triangle

The pictures below were taken with an ESO Rebel T7i. It is a great starter camera to get amazing photographs.

3 amazing tips to taking a photo like a pro examples:

F4.0 1/200 ISO 400
F4.0 1/200 ISO 1600

Both of these images were shot with the same lens. I only changed the ISO, which is how much light light is on the subject. By increasing just the ISO I brought more attention to my subject (little flower piece) and blurred and added some bokeh to the background.

I am by no means a professional photographer. This is an addictive hobby. However just knowing these 3 amazing tips to taking a photo like a pro has improved the quality of my pictures.

I hope my 3 amazing tips to taking a photo like a pro was helpful! xoxo

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