2 Amazing Sweet Potato Recipes!

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2 Amazing Sweet Potato Recipes

I love sweet potatoes! It is the perfect fall staple for the fall and winter dinner table. But they are not only great for dinner. Keep reading for some amazing recipes that are super easy (because we all know I am not a cook) and healthy!

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

First, let me tell you how healthy sweet potatoes are and the amazing benefits of eating them! Who knew that eating something so good was so healthy!

  1. They are rich in iron – this plumps up your red blood cells which we need to make oxygen.
  2. They are high in fiber – keeps you full longer and your colon will thank you.
  3. High in vitamin C – fight off those pesky germs and make your immune system strong.
  4. Rich in vitamin A and calcium – great for the skin, eyes, and healthy bones.
  5. Super high in antioxidants – fights those free radicals our bodies accumulate. 


2 Amazing Sweet Potato Recipes

BBQ Chicken Stuff Sweet Potato

This is literally one of my favorite meals. I make it at least twice a week to carry to work. And it is all done in the InstaPot.

The recipe is for a single serving:

1 medium sweet potato

1 frozen chicken breast

BBQ sauce (your choice)

Diced onions and scallions

Wash your sweet potato and place it in the instapot. Take a sheet of foil and fold it almost into a little pan. Place your frozen chicken breast in the “pan” and put it next to the potato in the instapot. Season with salt/pepper and BBQ sauce. Set the InstaPot to pressure cooking on high for 12-14 minutes. Once it is done cooking I like to shred my chicken with a fork and pile it high on the sweet potato. Add a little more drizzle of BBQ sauce and top with your onions and scallions!

Stuff sweet potatoes are amazing! It does not end with BBQ chicken. Another great alternative is a peanut butter banana stuffed sweet potato, or even a sweet potato stuffed with cooked apples and granola and a honey drizzle. Check out this link to more amazing stuffed sweet potato recipes. 

Sweet Potato Pancakes

For this recipe, I use left over sweet potato.

Regular Pancake mix

1 cup of mashed sweet potatoes

Mix the pancake mix as directed and add in your cup of mashed sweet potatoes. 

Cook on a griddle and drizzle with homemade cinnamon butter. 

These are a little denser than regular pancakes but the flavor is amazing!!!

I hope you try one of these amazing sweet potato recipes. You can check out my recipe page linked here for other recipes as well. Don’t forget to subscribe so you do not miss a post. The form is below. And please leave a comment and tell me what you think! XOXO

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